007 Blood Stone Soundtrack Preview

Posted on November 11, 2010

Richard Jacques

This week, James Bond fans found out they have to wait until 2012 for the next big screen Bond adventure.  But the good news for gamers is they can step into the shoes of England’s legendary gentleman spy right now, in the just released 007 Blood Stone.  Since this is the first Bond game in a number of years to feature an original story, Activision and Bizarre Creations went all out by assigning Richard Jacques the mission to create a soundtrack worthy of a Bond adventure.  The Feed’s spies managed to secure some top secret music samples from Blood Stone, for your ears only.

Bizarre Creations obviously wanted to keep things properly English with 007 Blood Stone, going so far as to have British composer Richard Jacques record the soundtrack for the game at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, utilizing musicians who played on the soundtracks of the Bond films.  This obviously paid off as you can hear just how cinematic the music turned out.

Jacques, who counts Mass Effect and Headhunter among his game soundtrack credits, may have lined himself up for future film work (wink wink nudge nudge, MGM) as he brilliantly captures the spirit of the Bond sound in Blood Stone.

Incidentally, Richard Jacques was the first composer to record the music for a video game at Abbey Road, for the previously mentioned Headhunter.

Also of note, Richard Jacques recruited guitarist Steve Ouimette, who was featured on The Feed recently, to perform guitar on the game’s version of Monty Norman’s James Bond Theme.  On top of the very cinematic material composed by Jacques, 007 Blood Stone features an original title sequence song, performed by Brit songstress Joss Stone and composed by Stone and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics.  Combine that with the over two hours of original music by Richard Jacques and you have the ideal makings for a soundtrack album, wouldn’t you agree?  Alas, there is no album planned, currently anyway, for Blood Stone.  Perhaps the good folks at Bizarre Creations and Activision will see fit to declassify those files for Bond fans to enjoy.


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