3DS eShop detailed: Virtual Console, DSiWare, demos, and the absence of ‘Points’

Posted on January 1, 2011
3DS eShop

Along with a push into the third-dimension, Nintendo appears to be using the 3DS to make a stronger push into the digitally distributed space on its handhelds. The DSi (and its big brother, the DSi XL) both started the company down the path popularized by Apple’s hyperkinetic App Store – and emulated by everyone from Sony to Google to Microsoft. The 3DS will support DSiWare (whose name was, perhaps, just a smidge shortsighted) and, while Nintendo of America Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen couldn’t provide any details during an interview today with Joystiq, he did confirm that users will be able to transfer any DSiWare games they’ve already purchased to the 3DS. “There will be a function that will allow you to transfer games from your Nintendo DSi to the 3DS,” Trinen said. “As we go into greater detail about the Shop, we’ll go into detail about that specific function.”

But 3DS isn’t just supporting what the DSi already supports; Nintendo is taking several cues from its Wii-based Shop Channel and Nintendo Channel playbooks, bringing Virtual Console to the handheld market in the form of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, availability of demos, the ability to rate games, and even check out screenshots and videos for retail games. After losing backwards compatibility with Game Boy games with the DSi, we’re especially happy about having that feature back in the 3DS; however, it won’t be coming to the DSi. “Those will be on the eShop,” Trinen told us, “which is specific to the 3DS.” But what about the other carts the DSi design sent to retro heaven? Trinen says Game Boy Advance support isn’t part of this announcement. “Basically we’re focusing on Game Boy and Game Boy Color. If we decide to introduce [GBA games] at a later date, we’d announce later if we did.”

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