A Few Things About The Diablo 3 Wizard Skill Tree

Posted on December 12, 2010

Anyone that wants to know about the Diablo 3 Wizard skill tree of the long waited game can find some helpful info here. There’s a few characters in the game Diablo 3, but one stands out from all the others that is the Wizard. This character has many special spells and abilities in the epic game of Diablo. When you move up the tree you can find new skills and talents as you gain experience killing monsters. Those that are starting out on the journey of fun and adventure in this game playing as a Wizard will certainly like the game play and what awaits them.

The skill tree that is in Diablo 3 has a lot of different tiers that you go through during the game play. Each one of these tiers possess skills that have their own different defense and attack. One of the first skills is called the magic missile then the charged bolt and then the Spectral Blade. When you use the charged bolt you can see it attacks enemies in multiple directions to hit nearby enemies. This is a sure way to cause some good damage to any nearby monsters that have a weakness to electricity, that is effective for hitting a large number of enemies at once.

As you move through the game play you will see there are a few tiers per skill. Many of the characteristics of these spells differ from each other in their own way. The electrocution attack in tier 3 sends out a concentrated bolt to a specific monster that may avoiding your missile attacks. This way you can hit those that dodge your attacks and eliminate them with cold damage.

When you do move through the Skills one by one gaining strength and skill points, the monsters become harder to eliminate. While during play you do increase in skill, it’s a wise idea to save some skill points for later for those more powerful spells. Even though you can apply these points to any skill you want to increase your attack power, there are still more powerful talents to be unleashed in the skill tree.

Once you reach level 4 you will see that like the prior versions of Diablo there is a blizzard skill. This causes a rain of ice shards to come from the sky causing cold damage to those vulnerable. The damage per second increases as you gain more skill points and apply them helping you turn your enemies to ice.

Each of the games of Diablo have proven to be fun and provide each player a lot of adventure. Moving through the Diablo 3 Wizard skill tree unleashes a vast number of various skills as you play Diablo. Each one of these skills has it’s own unique characteristics that can be mastered to make the Wizard a force to be reckoned with. The latest awaited game of Diablo 3 is sure to prove a worthy fun packed game with characters like the master of magic, the Wizard.

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