Best Summon Ever: A Video History Of Bahamut

Posted on September 9, 2010

Any Final Fantasy fan will tell you that Bahamut is the king of the summons. He is frequently the strongest creature you can call into battle, and he has been a fixture of Square Enix’s flagship series for years. We decided to chronicle Bahamut’s illustrious career as a summon, collecting videos of the monstrous dragon Mega Flaring his foes into oblivion throughout the numbered Final Fantasies.

Final Fantasy III (DS)

(Watch the video here, and skip ahead to 1:45. I promise this is the only one that isn’t embedded.)

Bahamut appeared in the very first Final Fantasy, but FF III marked the first time players could summon him. Well, Japanese players, anyway; this game didn’t release in North America until the DS remake in 2006. Admittedly, this isn’t Bahamut’s finest hour – he basically just shows up and roars, then some beam comes from the sky (presumably from his mouth, I guess?).

Final Fantasy IV (SNES)
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Remember back when you couldn’t go make a sandwich in the time it took to complete a summon? This appearance of Bahamut is short and sweet. He just appears, spreads his wings, and Mega Flares the crap out of everything.

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