Blizzard Introduces Dial-In Authenticator For Battle.Net

Posted on November 11, 2010

Many World of Warcraft players have become used to using authenticators, little keychain-looking devices that give randomly generated numbers allowing you to log into your account securely. There’s also an authenticator app available for the iPhone, and now Blizzard has revealed a new way to keep your account safe.

Blizzard’s new dial-in authenticator system will let you to call the publisher from a specific phone line in order to finish logging in. If you sign up, you won’t be required to call every time you log in to a Blizzard game; the service will only request a phone call if there’s something strange about the login attempt, such as if you’re signing in from a different computer than usual.

The service is optional and completely free, of course, although currently it only works for World of Warcraft and general Battle.Net services, not StarCraft II. For more details, check out Blizzard’s dial-in authenticator FAQ page.

The dial-in service definitely seems a bit strange, but it’s nice to see Blizzard continuing to take steps to make accounts secure for as many people as possible. Anyone who’s been through one (or many more) guild bank robberies due to someone losing access to their account will surely agree.

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