Call of Duty: Black Ops Gameplay Debrief On This Episode of Feedback

Posted on November 11, 2010

If you’re not playing Call of Duty: Black Ops right now, then you’re either taking a break, or you just happened to stumble across this post while surfing for some sort of bizarre Japanese pornography. In either case, we’re glad you’re here because it means you’re about to dive headlong into the newest episode of Feedback, where we strive to bring intelligent conversation about video games directly to you each week. Or, barring that, at least there’s conversation.

It should come as no surprise that this week brings us a debriefing on Black Ops, as we delve deep into the gameplay and talk about the single player, the multiplayer, the secrets, and the fact that Kinect + Black Ops = a spy’s dream tool. Oh, and look out for spoilers. Yes, there be some spoilers ahead. If you love monkeys to the extreme, and have Dunston Checks In on your DVD shelf, then you might want to skip this episode. Otherwise, load up and head on in. We need you to check the south entrance for zombies.

Here’s your handy, non-redacted guide to what we talked about:

  • There’s been a rash of Kinect issues! People damaging televisions! Injuries! Spying! Racism! Cats and dogs living together!
  • EA outright cancelled NBA Elite 11, rather than release a poor product. Applause? Jeers? Or have you been too busy playing NBA 2K11 to notice?
  • Close one door, open another: EA also announced Battlefield Play4Free, a web-based Battlefield title. Are you into it?
  • Even though we still don’t have a date for Gran Turismo 5, Sony is already working on Gran Turismo 6, to be launched a hundred years from now. Or earlier, if it’s ready.
  • Activision has had a huge boost to their bottom line this year with StarCraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the still to come World of Warcraft: Catacylsm. Hopefully the company won’t become self-aware like Skynet and kill us all.

Feedback: Where G4 Black Ops isn’t just a figment of our imagination, it’s a reality. At least, we’ve been brainwashed to think so.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.



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