Check Out Bulletstorm's Bouncer Cannon In Action

Posted on September 9, 2010

Last time we caught protagonist Grayson Hunt in action, he and cyborg sidekick Ishi Sato blasted their way through a dangerous facility swarming with bad guys to find Ishi a recharge. The duo ripped waves of enemies to shreds in the most brutal, yet creative ways driving home the game’s emphasis on skilled kills. At TGS we caught a glimpse of a new area, the Collapsed Building level, that players will encounter halfway through Bulletstorm showcasing advanced techniques and an explosive new weapon for even more skill points.

The demo shows our characters in a derelict structure as they plot a way to escape. A female character accompanying the crew, Trishka, knows the way across and leads the pack. The Skulls are also trying to get across leading to a number of skirmishes along the way. The electric leash is put into action by grabbing foes and impaling them against nearby exposed spikes and shocking them against electrical wires. For versatility sake, the same leash is used to propel enemies in air at which point you’re encouraged to shoot the suspended enemies before they hit the ground. Sweet.

As the team made their way through the collapsed structure, we’re introduced to the Bouncer, a massive hand cannon that shoots explosive bouncing balls that can be used in any variety of ways. For instance, if a swarm of enemies within close proximity to each other are rushing in your direction, you can shoot a ball toward the ground to have it roll toward the pack tripping them up like bowling pins earning a Trip Wire skill shot. Or you can nail an enemy in the face with an explosive ball for a Facial.

Near the end of the demo, we come across a character the team at People Can Fly call a “Heavy,” a heavily armored husky character who is also equipped with a Bouncer. There are Bouncer balls attached to his shoulders that you can shoot to blast off his armor. Or you can shoot him in the behind three times to expose his rear end for vulnerability. Additionally, you can shoot the Bouncer ammo right back at the enemy every time he takes a shot (it will bounce off of your own ammo back in his direction). Once the Heavy’s armor is chipped off and the Heavy is exposed, you can take him down any way you wish. The possibilities with the versatile Bouncer are endless and can only make us wonder what other types of weapons we’ll have in our arsenal when Bulletstorm releases in 2011.

Check out the latest trailer:

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Check out the media gallery below for new screens from EA’s Tokyo Showcase.

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