Child of Eden Impressions, Screens From TGS

Posted on September 9, 2010

We got a chance to check out a quick demo of Child of Eden on Kinect at TGS. As a fan of Q Entertainment’s previous work (Rez, Space Channel 5, Lumines) I couldn’t be more excited. The Matrix stage shown proceeded through what looked like a neon fish tank filled with creatures in this futuristic version of the internet affected by a virus. You clap to change weapons, push your hand forward to shoot, wave your hand around to lock on targets for homing attacks, and raise your hands in the air for a bomb attack. As the level continued, pulsating techno beats increased with intensity. Toward the end we finally caught a glimpse of Lumi mixed within the stage. She’s the young raven haired woman you have to protect from the virus attack. The controls weren’t 100 percent responsive, but worked well enough. The team at Q admits the controls still need a little fine tuning, but they have quite a bit of time to do so as the game doesn’t release until March.

Q Entertainment aims to make Child of Eden the “happiest game you’ve ever played.” I certainly had a smile on my face. You, too, can get happy with the media gallery below.

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