Crasher First Look

Posted on September 9, 2010

Just how many genres can you combine in a game? Punchers Impact tries to find out with its vehicular multiplayer online battle arena game.

Crasher takes the spells and controls of World of Warcraft, the team-based fighting and classes of Team Fortress, and the rocket-infused vehicular combat of Twisted Metal and melds them together in what developer Punchers Impact is calling a type of multiplayer online battle arena game. Is it possible to create a MOBA from such disparate components? We took a first look at the game to find out.

Five-versus-five multiplayer is the order of the day in Crasher, and most of the classic multiplayer modes are present, including Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Before each match, you choose from one of a number of vehicles, each with a different skill or weapon set. These include two-wheeled bikes tuned for speed; three-wheeled “Saboteur” trikes used for setting up traps, such as mines; and four-wheeled tanks made for all out attacks. You also select a control skill for the match, including boosts for extra speed and double jumps, which allow you to get to hard-to-reach areas.

The first thing you notice once you join a game is the control scheme, which borrows heavily from massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft. You view your vehicle in the third person–the standard W, A, S, and D keys control movement, while the mouse controls the camera. Holding down the right mouse button moves your vehicle, as well as the camera, allowing you to strafe. Aside from control skills, you also have regular skills. These differ among each vehicle and include the ability to heal, use rocket attacks, and double your size, which is useful for brute force attacks.

To attack other players, you target them with the left mouse button, which highlights them in red. Your vehicle then automatically begins launching rocket and gunfire at them. Your main job is to use your special skills tactically and coordinate your attacks with your team. Most maps are quite large, and one example we were shown was set in a massive sprawling desert complete with rocky outposts. This allows you to flank the opposition or set up surprise attacks with ease. Weapons, such as mines, can be used to force players into ambushes, while containment nets can keep them locked in one place for an easy destruction. However, you can’t just spam your enemies with attacks because they require energy from a mana bar, which recharges as you play.

At the end of each match, you’re awarded experience points, which push you up the rankings and allow you to upgrade your vehicle. You can add new skills and items, as well as boost your abilities, such as your health bar or speed. Your customized vehicle also appears on the leaderboards, allowing other players to see what you’ve equipped to achieve your ranking. This level of community interaction is something that Punchers Impact hopes will keep players coming back to the game as they form leagues and develop vendettas against other players. Though it’s early days for the MOBA mash-up, Crasher’s unique twist on vehicular combat is certainly different and one to keep an eye on in the run-up to release. It’s due out in 2011 on the PC, and a beta is promised for November this year.

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