Dark Energy Digital Updates And Discounts Hydrophobia

Posted on December 12, 2010

Dark Energy Digital is touting a sizable update for its Game Feast release Hydrophobia, making a point to address concerns voiced by critics and consumers alike.

“Thanks to the bespoke procedural technology and data driven architecture of the InfiniteWorlds engine, we’ve been able to cram a huge amount into a tiny patch — to be honest we didn’t think it was possible to make as many changes as we have,” says creative director Pete Jones. “The camera and control changes alone makes it play so differently; it’s a whole new experience. We have listened to what the community liked and disliked about the game; we know we didn’t get everything right first time around but we have taken this time to refine the experience.”

Evidently the update is large enough to merit a name change, too. Now falling under the moniker Hydrophobia Pure, the price has been dropped from 1,200 to 800 Microsoft Points.

When Hydrophobia first launched it was met with greatly mixed reviews. It was reported that key development members went on the offensive to combat low review scores, accusing press of essentially playing the game wrong. If the update is as sizable as Jones paints it, it seems an acknowledgment that there was some merit in the low scores to begin with.

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