Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 — The Scariest Games You Can Play Right Now

Posted on October 10, 2010

You think you know what to do during a zombie outbreak. Aiming for the head has become second nature. There’s a map of escape routes and a handy flashlight near you at all times. You know where to find the closest police station, over-sized mall, and chainsaw. If it really came to it, you also know who at work you would throw into a pack of ravenous flesh-eaters just to get a few seconds head start (Sorry, Trey).

But when the time really comes and you have to make the hard decisions, can you go through with it? Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 will test your knowledge and the choices you make when it comes to a good old fashion zombie apocalypse.

It all begins with a bad draw of luck. Having picked the short show, you must go out to find antibiotics and bring them back to the group. Of course, there are several miles of zombie-infested wasteland between you and your goal. Oh, and Outbreak 2 is also a text-based adventure. Now before you start ignoring this post and looking for pictures of boobs, it’s actually a pretty good story that’s fully voiced and it even has a little mood music to keep you on edge.

It works just like ones of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books by keeping track of your inventory and changing the story around based on the choices you make. But unlike those books, you can’t cheat by keeping your finger wedged into the pages at your last decision point. At the end of the story, dead or alive, you’re given a score telling you how long you would last in a real situation and how compassionate you would would be. Sometimes the worse thing you can lose is your own humanity.

Outbreak 2 works because there’s not always a clear reason why you died in the end. Sometimes the thing that kills you happened ten steps back, instead of just taking the wrong path and getting eaten by zombies. If you had taken the time to properly barricade the door, would the undead still have gotten through? If you had saved your ammo, would you still be alive this turn? Outbreak 2 mixes story, psychology, and just a touch of zombie survival knowledge to make for an interesting diversion.

Click here to play the game find out what decisions you’d make, and see how long you would survive a zombie horde.

What Will Make You Pee Your Pants: How quickly you can turn on your fellow man. Actually, these are video games. That’s normal, right?



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