DICE 2011: Looking Ahead And Not In People’s Ears, And Other Lessons From The BioWare Doctors

Posted on February 2, 2011

DICE 2011: Looking Ahead And Not In People's Ears, And Other Lessons From The BioWare Doctors

BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are responsible for some of the most successful and acclaimed franchises in gaming, and during their DICE 2011 presentation, the doctors discussed the business philosophies and core values that have led to BioWare’s success.

Not surprisingly, BioWare puts a heavy emphasis on long-term goal oriented thinking, and the doctors advise that while it might be attractive and easy to think about the now, it’s much more beneficial, creatively and from a business perspective, to instead focus on the “power of then.”

Risk is another key component to BioWare’s success. The doctors revealed that they bet BioWare on several occasions, the most notable of which was paying for Neverwinter Nights out of their own pockets.

“If it hadn’t worked,” Zeschuk admitted, “we probably would have crashed and burned, or very, very close to it. We actually bet the company when we joined Elevation and Electronic Arts. These are all calculated bets we made to try to get to where we thought we’d be more successful.”

Clearly, those risks paid off, and, as Zeschuk so eloquently put it, if not for the talented folks that call BioWare home, “We wouldn’t be here at all. We’d probably be…in a medical office looking in people’s ears and other things we don’t want to look inside.”

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