Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt Hands-On – The Story of Morrigan

Posted on September 9, 2010

We try out the final DLC chapter of Dragon Age: Origins. Warning: this story includes spoilers.

Dragon Age: Origins swept thousands of would-be adventurers away with an epic storyline that told the tale of a land torn apart by war, and the role of your character, a member of the powerful Grey Wardens legion, to bring peace. Over the course of that adventure, your character met the likes of knights, thieves, traitors, and faithful hounds. Your character also met Morrigan, a mysterious witch whose powerful sorcery made her a valuable ally but whose actions…well, let’s just say she didn’t always share your goals throughout your journey. Over the course of the original game and its ensuing downloadable content updates, Morrigan vanished from the world on her own uknown quest, and in Witch Hunt, the final DLC update for Dragon Age, you’ll eventually track her down and be able to get some answers out of her. Please note that this story contains spoilers, both about the original game, and about the DLC itself.

Witch Hunt is described as being somewhere between 90 minutes to two hours long, and once again lets you either create a new Grey Warden character, or to import your existing character to play as. Since the DLC focuses on Morrigan, if you chose to involve your character in a romantic relationship with her, your dialogue options when you finally track her down will change, and if you decided to have a child with her, your speech choices will also be different.

In any case, Witch Hunt will let you revisit several locales from the original game, such as Flemeth’s old home in the swamp and the Circle of Mages (from the original game’s mage origin story), while meeting up to three new companions who can join your party. We began the adventure outside of Flemeth’s home, searching for clues as to Morrigan’s whereabouts and were greeted by the first companion, a Mabari hound (who, if you’ve imported a character who played through the original game, will be your original dog character, or will be an all-new companion if you’re using a new character to play the DLC). After being joined by the faithful hound, we entered the hovel to find the female elf warrior Ariane who also hunted Morrigan, since the sorceress had apparently stolen away an ancient elven tome from her tribe. After striking a quick truce with the elf (who became our second companion), we then made our way to the mage’s circle–both to research “eluvian,” the topic of the mysterious elven book and also to meet the DLC’s third companion, the mageling Finn.

Since our time with the DLC was limited, we skipped ahead to a few key points in the game, including a new boss battle with a new monster, the “varterral” (otherwise known as “the strider”)–a powerful critter that will appear in Dragon Age 2 (just like how the previous DLC update, Golems of Amgarrak, also contained a monster that will appear in the sequel). The strider is an enormous, creepy-crawly critter that resembles a giant, spindly-legged spider made of driftwood. This giant creature has numerous abilities that can incapacitate your party members and also has a challenging habit of leaping into the air if it’s getting too beaten up to escape your frontline fighters. Thankfully, we were playing a pre-loaded save game with characters that BioWare helpfully advanced to extremely high levels, so while the battle was a close one, it wasn’t impossible.

We then skipped ahead to our final saved games–saved games for characters, some of whom had romanced Morrigan, others of whom hadn’t. These last saved games were set just before the DLC’s conclusion–at the moment where the party catches up with Morrigan and the main character can interrogate her. It seems that Morrigan has discovered a fully-functional eluvian–the magic mirrors from the original game that can potentially act as portals to another world, though to the enchantress’s touch, the surface of the mirror rippled like water.

Despite the fact that we’re basically spoiling the ending of the DLC in this story (and with it, the saga of the original Dragon Age), you can take comfort in the fact that Morrigan was her usual cryptic self, and generally avoided giving a straight answer to nearly all of our questions. When asked about her intentions, she simply replied that she had much to do that required her to acquire power over time, and that her adopted mother Flemeth was the real threat (and depending on whether you elected to kill Flemeth, you can take a slightly different dialogue choice here). When asked about the child, Morrigan says only that the child is somewhere safe, and being prepared for “what is to come.” After barely giving you any kind of answers to your questions, you must then bid the witch farewell, though how you choose to end your meeting with her is up to you.

Witch Hunt will be released this Tuesday, September 7.

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