Evil Ryu And Oni From Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Footage Gets YouTube Users Banned By Capcom

Posted on January 1, 2011

Evil Ryu Oni

Gamers have hacked their copies of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition to reveal Evil Ryu and Oni, both unannounced characters. Once the characters were unlocked it didn’t take long for dozens of YouTube video of the fighters in action to pop up. Capcom isn’t thrilled about their content being leaked has begun suspending and terminating YouTube accounts that have uploaded the videos siting copyright infringement.

Video of Evil Ryu and Oni have been uploaded to multiple video hosting sites, and just as quickly as they’re uploaded they are taken down. Accounts on smaller video sites haven’t been struck by the Capcom banhammer yet and are still available on sites like Destructoid. You might be asking “how did they hack unannounced characters for a a game that’s already out?” The characters were possibly already on the disc as locked content that wouldn’t be made available until Capcom was ready. Judging by Capcom’s reaction I’d wager they weren’t ready.

Leaked Videos Of Evil Ryu And Oni

Some blogs say these characters were meant to be unplayable bosses and somehow were made playable through entering codes on the debug screen but others think they are time-locked characters that will be playable. Suspicions of their addition to the game began in November when leaked images of SSFIV: Arcade‘s achievement list leaked showing icons for Evil Ryu and Oni. Capcom was most likely planning on revealing the new characters to help promote Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which will be released on February 15. They have not publicly addressed the existence of these characters. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition‘s producer Yoshinori Ono appears to be getting in trouble from his bosses for tweeting about the characters.

Leaked Videos Of Evil Ryu And Oni

Do you think Capcom will officially announce these characters now that gamers have figured out how to unlock them?



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