Five Things CoD's Captain Price Is Doing During Black Ops

Posted on November 11, 2010

Since he’s not in Black Ops, what was Call of Duty standby Captain Price doing during the Cold War? This hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism digs into an unexplored era of one of freedom’s greatest heroes.

When not being honored as part of our 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade list, Call of Duty’s Captain Price can typically be found saving the free world from tin pot dictators throughout the decades. As an Infinity Ward character, though, he has no place in Treyarch’s soon-to-launch Call of Duty: Black Ops. What was the British super-soldier doing during the hottest part of the Cold War, since he wasn’t involved with the [redacted] events of [redacted] when [redacted] [redacted] in the [redacted]?

Surprisingly, Price spent the decades not as an elite commando taking on top-secret missions to limit worldwide Soviet influence and foil nefarious Bolshevik plots – that was left to [redacted] as he [redacted] to stop [redacted] from [redacted] the United States. No, 1959-73 was a gentler era in Captain Price’s distinguished career, as he worked day and night using the tools of peace to prevent war rather than the other way around.

1959: The Great Leap Forward [China]

(above: Captain Price inspires the Chinese peasants to do their part)

Price was an idealist in his younger years. In the late ’50s, he seemed to think that an industrialized China would serve as a counterbalance to the militarily dominant Soviet state that was already the prime threat to the United States in the post-WWII world. By convincing chairman Mao Zedong to drag his country into the industrial age – and lending his good looks and fierce moustache to the necessary propaganda effort – Price helped to drive China’s post-revolution Great Leap Forward. Though the country is still struggling with the fallout of this radical industrialization program today, China’s transition from a decentralized agrarian society into a modern industrial state will likely go down in history as the most important event of the twentieth century.

After being exposed to the massive, unprecedented misery visited upon the Chinese people by the often-misguided policies of the Great Leap Forward, Price invented the helicopter and used his prototype to fly under the radar and escape to Japan. There, he latched onto the U.S. military presence and made his way back Stateside.

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