Free Agent Signings For MLB 2010 Off Season

Posted on December 12, 2010

As baseball fans patiently await the beginning of a new season, we’re still in a position where we’ve witnessed some notable free agent signings since the conclusion of the previous year of baseball. Cards have been shuffled and some teams have new and improved rosters as a result.

What a team decides to do in between seasons can largely shape their success during the year to come. A perfect example of this would be the remarkable surge the Yankees made in 2009. A team that missed out on the playoffs the previous year was suddenly the best in all of the sport.

Any team that attracts some big names like Burnett, Texeira, and Sabathia stands to contend. This gave them two of the best pitchers and one of the best hitters in the majors.

How about this year? Are there any teams with makeovers in process that seem destined to rise in the ranks of franchises next year? Here are a few of the biggest signings through the first couple months of the winter season.

In the world of pitchers, the biggest free agent was John Lackey. Not only does he boast a tremendous amount of playoff innings on his resume, but he’s also still young, as he’s just barely over 30 years old.

When healthy, Lackey is a top 15 pitcher in baseball. The Red Sox now have a reliable arm to pitch right behind Josh Beckett, making for a dangerous one two punch.

In another big move, Hideki Matsui packed his bags out of the Bronx and headed for Los Angeles to join the Angels. Matsui was the most valuable player in the 2009 world series, making absolutely huge contributions to the Yankees during their final series.

He’s also an extremely reliable outfielder through the course of any season, making great offensive contributions. While he’s 35 years old, he hasn’t shown many signs of slowing down, so the Angels should expect some solid contributions next season. Matsui’s presence will definitely be felt in Los Angeles.

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