Game music of the day: Jet Grind Radio (Jet Grind Radio)

Posted on December 12, 2010

Few consoles define having a cult following as well as the Dreamcast has, and few Dreamcast games define it as well as Jet Grind Radio (aka Jet Set Radio everywhere outside of North America). It sold like crap, with new copies widely marked down to $10 within a few months of its release, but its fans will passionately defend it to this day as one of the greatest games Sega’s beleaguered system ever saw. It’s not too hard to see why: JGR was a pioneer of cel-shaded graphics, and its gravity-defying, rail-grinding in-line skating/graffitti action was wildly enjoyable (even if it doesn’t hold up quite as well today). The game’s rebel-delinquent attitude painted skate punks as heroes and cops as the buffoonish tools of evil corporations, something that was almost unheard of back then.

And its soundtrack was one of the most memorably eclectic of its time, with an assortment of rock, J-Pop, hip-hop and dance tunes that conspired to make the experience of high-speed vandalism and police-dodging even more awesome than it already was…


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