Gaming's Most Bizarre Weapons

Posted on December 12, 2010

Any game that pits you against floods of enemies won’t leave you defenseless. While the usual go-tos are machine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, some designers take these ideas a step further by equipping players with an over-the-top arsenal that’s hard to forget. From shark launchers to exploding sinners, check out our picks for gaming’s most unusual weapons.

Hair (Bayonetta)
This game as a whole is unapologetically bizarre. A sassy witch transforms her lethal locks into just about anything that will help her dispatch foes at both close and long range. This raven haired beauty stomps on bullies with a giant stiletto and chomps at the baddies with a flesh eating dragon. With hair like Bayonetta’s the possibilities in combat are seemingly endless.

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts series)
The versatile keyblade not only opens secret doors, but can be used to bludgeon pesky foes to death so you can take all of their munny. Aside from being an effective death piece, they also look really cool.

Cerebral Bore
(Turok series)
Definitely one weapon not to be reckoned with. This terrifying piece of alien tech fires projectiles that pack a mean charge. These projectiles lock onto the brain waves of an enemy, spirals toward the poor sap’s head, and burrows into its skull. The result is a gratuitous geyser of blood and brain juice.

Banana Bomb (Worms)
This soft fruit of doom is definitely not good for your health. The devastating source of protein can get one-hit kills on a single worm, and is even more effective in groups. See, kids, fruit isn’t always good for you.

Land Shark Gun
(Armed and Dangerous)
Alongside your standard fare of weapons such as a boring old sniper rifle, machine gun, and rocket launcher, Armed and Dangerous also equipped players with the Land Shark Gun. It shoots sharks. The sharks get launched into the earth and later pop out of the ground to devour helpless enemies.

Keep reading for poultry guns, killer vacuum cleaners, deadly bodily functions, and more.


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