Got Hot Pursuit Friends?

Posted on November 11, 2010

We’ve been getting amazing feedback about the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo, and we’re absolutely thrilled that you guys are loving your first taste of the game. If you haven’t had the chance to play yet, don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance yet. The demo will stay live until Tuesday, November 9th. You’ll definitely want to try it out, because simply booting up the demo ONCE will give you 500 extra bounty points for both your cop and racer careers!

Autolog has been getting a ton of positive feedback from the community, and for good reason. It takes what you love about racing, what you love about social media, and combines them into an addictive game of ‘can you top this’ that you can play with all of your friends. Now, you don’t need to have friends playing the demo to experience the thrills of out-running the cops or the satisfaction of busting a punk street-racer with a spike-strip, but you’ll definitely need a few fellow racers to get the most out of Autolog.

Adding friends will also unlock the Roadsters Reborn event in the demo. We’ve created a few gathering places for you to meet and trade online aliases with fellow racers. Say hello and throw down some challenges in our own Hot Pursuit forums, or check our huge Facebook community and post your PSN or Xbox Live account in the appropriate discussion threads.

And just in case you don’t believe us when we tell you the demo is awesome, here’s a taste of the rave reviews the demo has been getting from real gamers just like you!

“Thanx to @NeedforSpeed, I’ve officially found my fave game of the year & it’s not out yet! Great job to every1 at EA 4 a 5-star game.” @ThatNe0_Domo

“Finally topped the Speedwall in @NeedforSpeed Hot Pursuit demo. Now I can sleep in peace! PS: Autolog roxx!!! xoxo” @munzwei

“Oh yeah, the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo is awesome. Autolog is a great idea. It encourages competition in a really nice way. Brill.” @haz360

“If you haven’t already downloaded the demo for the new @NeedforSpeed : Hot Pursuit, ya really gotta do that… like NOW!” @NLShadow

“The more I play the #NFSHP demo, the more I love it. Also, #Autolog should be, to some extent, featured in all games. Ace stuff!” @AnyGivenGamer

“Played the awesome and much awaited nfs hp demo.. superb autolog compare concept.” @gauravsri123

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