How To Be A Stone Cold Killer In Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer

Posted on November 11, 2010

These ten tips and strategies for Brotherhood’s multiplayer game will have you winning matches in no time.

We’ve been exploring Brotherhood’s multiplayer for a while now, and we’ve seen some awesome players and some terrible ones. If you’d rather be in the former camp than the latter, consider enacting a few of these ideas into your approach to the game.

Stop With the Running Already!

There are several instances where running in AC multiplayer is worthwhile, but it’s much less frequent than most players seem to realize. Unless you’re really, really good, it’s very hard to garner enough kills while running around to match your opponents who are making careful, silent kills. You’d have to kill at least three times as many targets, and in many cases, far more.

So take a deep breath, and slow down. Running attracts the attention of your pursuer, alerts your target to your presence, and lowers your kill value if you actually manage to catch him/her. If you must speed your movement, try holding down the Fast Walk button to gain a little boost.

Now that you’re walking, take time to observe your location and the likely location of your target. How can you choreograph the coolest kill between where you are and they are? If you think it’s cool, there are likely bonuses attached to it. Try to get that incredibly sweet, silent, discreet kill, and you’ll be well rewarded.

Run! Yes, Now!

So, when should you run? Well, there are exceptions to every rule, but here are some good times to start sprinting.

1. Your target has spotted you, and is definitely on your tail. Start running. Turn corners as much as possible to break line of sight, and thereby lower the chase meter. Change elevations if you see a fast way to do so. Drop smoke bombs in narrow passages. Move through chase breakers, like gates that lock behind you.

2. Your target is really far away. If your target cone is a tiny little sliver, it might be worth it to risk a quick run to cross the level faster. But once that cone starts to widen significantly, stop running and start stalking.

3. You’re on the rooftops. You’re already out of place and extremely visible on the rooftops. If you’re going to run, now is a good time to do it.

4. Your target won’t stop running. Sometimes, you’re just not going to catch your target by walking, because the opposing player is moving around the board so fast. You can’t drop your target for another, so you’ll have to finish him/her off before a new target is assigned, even if it’s not going to get you a lot of points. You may have to run for a while, just to keep up. If you see where he’s headed, try to get ahead of him/her (or above him/her) rather than chase, and you might still garner a nice point total.

Quality Over Quantity

This one ties back into the no running thing, but it bears repeating. This is not Call of Duty or Halo. Kill count means next to nothing by itself, and deaths don’t really penalize you, except that they give your opponents more points, and take you out of the match for a few seconds.

Instead of shooting for a bunch of kills, get a few awesome kills. Stab a target while sitting on a bench. Leap down on them from a roof. Stab them while they’re running straight at you without beginning to run yourself. A really excellent kill will, on average, get you three to eight times the value of a chase kill. String a few of those together and you’re looking at a top three finish and a lot of points to go towards level progression.

Oh, and if you’re wise you’ll take a few minutes to peruse the bonus list in the main multiplayer menu. You may not realize the things you could be doing to get those extra points. Memorize a few of them, and shoot for those bonuses during a match.

Know Your Cone

The cone that indicates your target’s distance can offer a lot of clues, if you know what to look for. When you acquire a new target, stop moving for just a few seconds, and look at the cone. If it’s widening, that means your prey is coming towards you. Consider finding a hiding spot, and seeing if they’ll come right to you. Hidden kill bonuses can be huge.

If they’re going away from you, or parallel to you, what direction are they going? If you know the map, try to think about where their path will eventually lead, rather than where they’re standing at any one moment. Move to a bottleneck along their path and wait for them to fall onto your blade.

Build a Better Profile Set

If you’re not using your abilities at least once or twice per round, you’re probably doing something wrong, or at least equipping an ability that doesn’t match your playstyle. Once you unlock a couple of profile sets, consider the following setup.

Set one profile as your default approach for playing Wanted/Alliance mode, and get good at deploying those abilities on a regular basis during a match. You’ll probably want one primarily defensive ability (like Morph, Smoke Bomb, or Disguise) and one good offensive ability (like Firecrackers, Hidden Gun, or Throwing Knives).

Set your second profile for use in Manhunt, and apply only defensive abilities. Your third profile should be offensive abilities. You’ll switch between these two sets between Manhunt rounds. Remember that if you’re on Team 1 you’ll start on offense.

Finally, for each profile, consider the streak bonuses and when they trigger. Choose streak bonuses that match your style of play.

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