Hunt Your Prey In EA's Wildlife: Forest Survival

Posted on November 11, 2010

Who would win in a fight between a rabbit, fox, hawk, and gator? My money’s on the gator, but you get to decide in EA Salt Lake’s new downloadable title.

Wildlife: Forest Survival pits 12 players against one another to find out which species is most worthy of Darwin’s praise. After you choose your animal, it’s time to go about your business and scavenge for food. The rabbit makes his living eating off the ground, while the fox hunts the rabbit, the hawk hunts the rabbit and fox, and the gator devours anything dumb enough to get within a few feet of its massive jaws. Each animal has its own set of traits that makes survival possible: The agile rabbit has a danger sense that informs it of potential threats and can use its speed to evade predators; the fox uses its uncanny sense of smell to track the rabbits; the hawk takes a bird’s eye view to spot its dinner and swoops in unexpectedly for the kill; and the gator may move slow, but it can subsist on any of the creatures roaming the forest.

EA Salt Lake says there are eight environments in which the players can battle, and the game should be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in early 2011.


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