Ico, Last Guardian Movies May Follow Shadow Of The Colossus Film

Posted on September 9, 2010

Let’s be frank: Gamers are a picky bunch when it comes to film adaptations of the video games we love, and Hollywood has never been particularly great at easing our fears. When I hear that Sony Pictures is developing a Shadow of the Colossus movie, that makes me nervous, and I’m sure I’m not alone. But if the production team working on this film has their way, the other two games from Team Ico will be joining their brother on the big screen.

Gaming cultural blog Play Till Doomsday interviewed Kevin Ping Chang, a production executive at Misher Films who is working on the Shadow of the Colossus film adaptation with Sony Pictures. He revealed that his team definitely wants to turn Ico and The Last Guardian into movie projects as well:

“Ueda-san’s vision is amazing and despite those games not being literally a part of the same series, there is a spiritual connection between them. It is certainly something we’ve fought for as a production company, making the case to both SCE and Sony Pictures and saying ‘If Colossus works, this is a vision we can continue translating for at least two more episodes.’ We would love to do that.”

While this may scream doom and gloom to many gamers, there is one bit of silver lining. If you read the full interview (which I recommend), it certainly seems like Chang genuinely understands what makes Shadow of the Colossus such a great game and why it’s so beloved. Whether he can take that understanding and translate it into a totally different medium remains to be seen.

Would you be excited about a trilogy of movies based on one of Sony’s strongest line of games? Or would you rather Hollywood just keep away from such revered titles in our medium?

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