Imagineering The Future Of Kinect

Posted on November 11, 2010

Kinect is out, and regardless of what you think its launch lineup, the system has the potential to offer up some unique and exciting digital experiences. Microsoft’s current slate of software was designed to get your body moving and let you party with friends and grandparents alike, but we’d like to see more games that use the Kinect technology in other creative ways. Here are a few imaginary future titles that would get us moving.

Halo: Reach Out And Touch Faith
Microsoft would be remiss if it didn’t get one of its biggest guns onto Kinect. What better way could the company convince jaded players that the Kinect can do hardcore entertainment than with a Halo title? We image that this version of Halo would play a little like a standard action game, with Spartans getting up close and physical. Players would still use a controller for basic moves, but they’d be able to steer vehicles by holding an imaginary wheel, and throw grenades or use items like energy swords with simple arm movements. Maybe players could even issue basic squad command through Kinect’s microphone.

Fight Night: Fists of Fury
Dance Central gives you a workout, but long sessions in a Kinect Fight Night title would require you to start stockpiling large quantities of protein bars. The boxing minigame in Kinect Sports gives some hint at what this title could be like, but if EA perfected the motion tracking, this kind of boxing game wouldn’t just be a blast, it could train you how to become a real fighter.

Professor Layton And The Other Side Of The Mirror
Not only would it be great to see the Professor on a big screen, but Kinect would allow players to tackle a whole slew of new motion-based puzzles, or flip through notes to solve an overarching mystery like they were Tom Cruise in the Minority Report. Plus we’d finally have the opportunity to slap Luke in the face (sorry Luke, you know we love you. It was just a joke).

Discs of Tron
We’ve seen plenty of light cycle games in the last couple decades; it’s time some of Tron’s other minigames got some love. Discs of Tron would allow you to throw neon Frisbees of death at your opponents while blocking their oncoming attacks. This sounds like the perfect movie tie-in DLG to us.

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