Invizimals [Review]

Posted on October 10, 2010
The PSP enters the realm of monster battling in this augmented reality game.
Overall Feeling:
Invizimals is a game that may be a bit simplistic in some respects but the tech and execution are there. With gameplay that is easy to get into, nicely designed monsters and a somewhat addicting leveling system, Invizimals may not soon become a behemoth like Pokémon, but it certainly is a nice alternative. Whether you’re a young gamer, have a kid who’s a gamer or are a kid at heart, Invizimals is worth checking out if you love monster battle games.
The Pros:
Nice art style that doesn’t falter under the augmented reality of the game. Gameplay is fun and easy to get into. Despite the somewhat corny plot, the story is entertaining and the acting is good, if slightly over-the-top.
The Cons:
Game would’ve benefitted from having a deeper combat system. Front-end visuals are a bit bland. Occasional snafus with the PSP camera can be annoying especially if it occurs during a match. Some of the monster catching mini-games can end too quickly. Rating :

Over the past few years video games have in a way been missing something truly important: imagination on the part of the player.  With various games taking us to amazing worlds, whether it’s a sneaking mission in the Artic or battling alien forces in some far flung galaxy, games these days really don’t spark the imagination of the player.  That necessarily isn’t a fault of the game since as long as the universe, story and gameplay are good then gamers are good to go.

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