Irrational Musings: BioShock Infinite In Their Words

Posted on September 9, 2010

Our latest cover story is packed with details about BioShock Infinite, but even 12 pages isn’t enough space to fit all of the cool observations and insights from the team at Irrational Games. During our visit to Boston-based studio, we heard plenty of interesting comments pertaining to many facets of BioShock Infinite, but we just couldn’t print them all. Now, we bring you a veritable highlight reel of quotes from key staff members that will shed a little more light on how the team is approaching this phenomenal-looking game.

On Previous Games:

“This is not a game about history, in the same way that BioShock 1 was not a game about history. But it’s set in the context of history.”
– Ken Levine

“We started from scratch and said ‘what was one of the challenges of BioShock?’ For one, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Everything was a tight corridor. You were only facing one or two enemies. In this engine, you can fight 15 or 16 enemies at once in spaces of huge scale at high speeds.”
– Ken Levine

“On the story side, one of the criticisms from System Shock 2 to BioShock to BioShock 2 is that whenever you encounter somebody, they’re behind a piece of glass.  I invented that trick back in 1999. We’ve gotten rich and fat off of that trick, and we decided, ‘no more of that trick.'”
–Ken Levine

Creative director Ken Levine

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