Itagaki Pondering 3D, Next-Gen Support For Latest Game

Posted on September 9, 2010

Nobody really knows how successful 3D TVs will be in terms of consumer adoption, but that hasn’t stopped companies from developing movies and games that support the appearance of an added dimension. It looks as though we can add Team Ninja alum Tomonobu Itagaki to the ranks of the “interested, if not committed” category.

Speaking to Impress Watch (and translated by, Itagaki talked about whether his debut game from Valhalla Game Studios, Devil’s Third, would support the visual gimmick. “It’s not a game that’s built around it, but I’d like to at least offer it as an option,” he said. Itagaki added that 3D TVs have grabbed the majority of his attention lately.

In addition to gushing over 3D, Itagaki mentioned that Devil’s Third was being created in such a way that it could support next-gen hardware, in the true sense of the term. “We’re developing it so that it can be brought to as yet unknown hardware as well,” he said. “Specifically, the various areas of technology are scalable.”

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point, and Itagaki is known for saying outrageous things. Still, it does sound interesting. Just imagine the thrill of feeling as though your cornea might get scratched at any moment by an errant blade, nipple, or bullet…on next-gen hardware. And no, Kinect and Move don’t count.

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