Mark Millar’s Superior Lands "High Profile" Star?

Posted on December 12, 2010

Mark Millar's Superior Lands

Comic book legend Mark Millar has sort of a “reputation,” if you will, for stirring the pot of rumors for upcoming projects. With a recent tweet, it seems that he’s showing no signs of stopping. Talks of a movie project for his still-new title Superior with Marvel’s creator-owned Icon label have already been swirling. However, if we were to take the word of the quirky Scotsman, then said project is set for what he is describing as “the most high profile actor of 2010.” From that quote, general speculation seems to be pointed to Leonardo DiCaprio. However, those are just opinions and we will apparently get the official word in January. Without even specifying which role the actor in question would be taking, this is one of those news tidbits that essentially serves only to tell you what you don’t know. However, another critical question one might have is: What is Superior?

As Millar tweeted:

“Huge News: Superior movie just locked down most high profile actor of 2010. Official release in January. PS Issue 3 is out today. GET SOME!!”

With its first issue having hit just this fall, the title focuses on Simon Pooni, a young boy who once had it all as a popular basketball player in school, but was struck down with multiple sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair. His imagination became his only escape, specifically with a superhero movie centered on a character called Superior. However, fate would soon have plans for Simon that would exceed merely living vicariously through fiction when he was visited by a powerful alien. Told that he was chosen out of all the people on Earth, he was give one magical wish. The result, was his transformation into the very superhero he idolized. As the living embodiment of Superior, he fights crime, while dealing with the fallout with his parents from his allegedĀ  “disappearance” after his transformation.

So, this is essentially a take on the old Billy Batson/Captain Marvel story, but with some touching elements that make the character’s rise to greatness even more poignant. Though unlike Millar’s other recently film-adapted Kick-Ass, this is a story that focuses on a protagonist that understands each side of the coin between adulation and humility. If the “high profile” actor Millar mentioned is to be for the role of Superior himself, then judging by looks alone, is either Simon Worthington, Josh Brolin, or Jon Hamm. Surely, there would be some comic elements, in which case, Hamm may be the better choice. But who knows? It’s all rumors, thus far.

Do you have any guesses as to who Mark Millar is calling “the most high profile actor of 2010?”




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