Mickey’s Gaming Legacy

Posted on September 9, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey introduces a major new chapter in the life of Disney’s iconic character, but it’s not the first time Mickey Mouse has graced a home video game console. A surprising number of games have featured the character on systems from NES to the PlayStation 2. We’ve detailed the best-remembered titles in this glimpse back at Mickey’s gaming roots.

Mickey Mousecapade

Mickey’s first adventure on home consoles had him and Minnie setting out on a far-flung adventure to rescue Alice, of Wonderland fame. The simple platformer differed from many of its contemporaries by including a second character, even if Minnie was rarely more than a tagalong companion who caused more harm than good. The game’s moderate success prompted Capcom to move forward on plans for more titles starring the intrepid Disney characters.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Sega Genesis, Sega Master System

Mickey’s appearances on Sega systems are undoubtedly the most fondly remembered by fans, especially this stellar platformer. The first in the Illusion series, Castle of Illusion’s gorgeous animations brought Mickey’s movements to life as he journeyed through a surreal magic castle to rescue girlfriend Minnie. Stepping through magic doorways, players found inventive and surprising levels – everything from a strange enchanted forest to a toyland of lifesize playthings. After gathering together the gems hidden throughout the stronghold, Mickey faced a final throwdown with Mizrabel the witch. The game was a huge success, spawning a Genesis sequel and two Game Gear follow ups (Land of Illusion and Legend of Illusion). Though not directly Mickey related, the series included an excellent offshoot starring Donald Duck entitled Quackshot.

Sega Genesis

Fancy graphics couldn’t save this action/platformer created by Infogrames, in which Mickey reenacted his role from the classic cartoon musical. Control issues and a lack of any meaningful plot or character development left the game a pale imitation of the far better Illusion titles. When the demon Chernabog (from Night on Bald Mountain) steals the notes of the orchestra, Mickey, clad in sorcerer’s apprentice robes, gives pursuit. The problematic game saved some face with a decent musical score – unsurprising, since the themes from Fantasia are some of the greatest classical works of all time.

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