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Posted on December 12, 2010

I kicked my Christmas festivities off last night with a double-bill of Trading Places and Scrooged at the cinema. It is now Christmas. I am overflowing with mirth, merriment and good will towards all men, except those I’m not too fond of. Ho ho ho!

Having posted a contemptible Bulletstorm trailer at work earlier in the day, filled with senseless flips and motherflippers, I was delighted by the restrained swearing in Trading Places. If you artlessly drool non-stop obscenities, like Bulletstorm seems to, it can quickly become tiresome. This is deeply unfortunate as swearing is excellent.

No, Trading Places held back, even stopping itself mid-cuss, until the time was just right. It’s this restraint which makes, for example, this simple two-word obscenity–…


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