NBA 2K11 [Review]

Posted on October 10, 2010
Basketball fans rejoice as NBA 2K11 is the game we’ve been waiting for.
Overall Feeling:
NBA 2K11 is basically the best basketball game to be released in the past 10 years. The game boasts incredible production values, amazing gameplay and one of the best modes ever in the form of the Jordan Challenge mode. Lots of the lingering issues from past NBA 2K games have been cleared up and few issues that are present in the game are minor. With an accurate depiction of the NBA, its players and the sport of basketball, NBA 2K11 is the crowned Champion of basketball video games.
The Pros:
The gameplay is just stunning, even if it takes a while to get used to. The feeling the game gives from an aural and visual perspective is just unparalleled. NBA fans should be satisfied with the deep Association Mode and the soon to be legendary Michael Jordan mode. The options for online play are good and the stability is terrific. Even when it’s on Easy mode the game still puts up a nice challenge.
The Cons:
Passing can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. The Dunk Challenge mode left a bit to be desired. Starting out as an upstart in the My Player mode may be a bit too tough for folks. A few small glitches/issues are still present. Ref calls can be a bit odd at times. Rating :

Seeing someone travel from both ends on the wood tiles of a NBA court is almost like poetry in motion. While NBA players like LeBron James or past legends like Karl Malone and Michael Jordan weren’t spitting out poetic verses like Robert Frost, they were showing us their true selves with how they played on the court.

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