Need for Speed World Friends Leaderboard is Live!

Posted on September 9, 2010

Today is a very good day!  Today we launched the Need for Speed World Friends Leaderboard.  With the new Leaderboards you can see how you rank up against either all your friends or people who you’ve raced against in private races.

Using the Friends Leaderboard is easy enough but in order to see how you rank up against your friends you need to first need to add them to your Friends List.  For details on how to add friends to your Friends List in NFS World, click here.  Once you’ve got some friends, using the leaderboard is simple.

The leaderboard will show you the top 10 players who’ve got the best time on the chosen event as well as your rank.  There are four search fields in the leaderboard, they are:

Event Type
This allows you to choose how you rank against all your friends (‘PVE’) or against friends you’ve raced against in a private race (‘PVP’).

Event Mode
This controls what events appear in the next field, the Event Name field. After choosing the game mode (right now only circuit & sprint) the Event Name field will populate with all the appropriate race events.

Event Name
This field allows you choose the event that you will ranked on.  The events listed in this field are dependent on what you choose as the Event Mode (see above).

Leaderboard Type
Allows you to choose the time frame for which you want to be ranked against.  For example, if you choose ‘Last 24 Hours’ the leaderboard will only displays times posted within the last 24 hours.

So once you’ve set the leaderboard settings all you need to do is select ‘Search’.  Pretty simply…

Now go see how you rank up against your friends!

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