NeverDead Preview: Going Out On A Limb

Posted on September 9, 2010

NeverDead was first announced back at Konami’s press conference during this year’s E3, and with each new trailer and screenshot gallery revealing brutal dismemberment of the immortal main character as a combat mechanic, NeverDead has certainly caught our attention. NeverDead is being developed by Rebellion and is under the direction of Shinta Nojiri, who also directed Metal Gear Acid. We got a chance to chat with Nojiri at TGS about the upcoming third-person action shooter where we learn more about the story, characters, self-decapitation, enemy types, and most importantly, how you can achieve “Game Over” in a game where you can’t die. There’s also plenty of TGS-exclusive art to feast your eyes on as well.

Story and Characters

More than 500 years ago, Bryce was a normal human being. He was a family man with a mean sense of justice and a loving wife. For unknown reasons (at least unknown to us), Bryce and his wife fought against a Demon King. The battle did not go in their favor, thus Bryce lost his wife. What’s more, the poor man was cursed with immortality without the courtesy of any super powers. Five hundred years later, Bryce has nothing left. He now works for a secret agency under the guise of the Office of Public Health and Safety that’s really called the National Counter Demon Agency that specializes in the removal of demons.

Arcadia is Bryce’s AI partner in the NCDA who will join him once in a while during the game. Once she graduated college, as a result of excellent physical capabilities, she was assigned to the NCDA.

Gameplay and Dismemberment

NeverDead’s combat system will have an ability system and XP. Players will gain XP during a fight and can spend points earned to obtain new abilities. As you might’ve noticed, immortality and dismemberment is the core focus of the game, so you’ll have abilities such as self-dismemberment, which will allow you to rip off your own limbs and throw them at enemies for both offensive and defensive purposes. Rip off your arm and toss it to distract enemies away from your position, or decapitate yourself and toss your head to a higher spot in an area to scope it out. You also have an ability called dismember explosion that causes dismembered limbs to go boom. Your free arm or leg is now a bomb that you can toss and detonate. These are the only two Nojiri would discuss so far, but says there will be more abilities to use related to dismemberment in this combat-focused game. He mentioned the ability to use guns and a special sword as well, but didn’t get into much detail.

For details on enemy types continue on to the next page.

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