New Half-Life 2 fan film brings Adrian Shephard to City 17, is totally authentic until the Kung Fu starts (The Orange Box)

Posted on November 11, 2010

What is it with Half-Life 2 fans and quality film-making? While fan films based on any other series tend to be variable like Star Trek movies, the H-L universe has some stunning non-professional cinematic entries. Like this. And this. And now there’s Beyond Black Mesa, a professional-as-hell-looking fan-made short set five years after the seven hour war (during which the Combine made Earth its new back yard) which tells the story of the human rebellion pre-Freeman’s return.

The hero is one Adrian Shephard, the protagonist of H-L1 expansion Opposing Force. In canon, he’s still lost to space-time by way of G-Man tinkering, but it’s good to see him back. And overall, this trailer gives the impression that the film is a brilliantly authentic effort, despite the brief lapses into Kung Fu leg sweeps and Max Payne window dives. The quick tease of Ravenholme however, more than makes up for those little transgressions.

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