NFS World Patch Notes (Patch 5.03)

Posted on December 12, 2010

The purpose of this maintenance window is to deploy server / game patch 5.03 to Need for Speed World. See Release notes below.

Three (3) Hours

Start: 19:30 hrs (7:30 PM) PST / 22:30 hrs (10:30 PM) EST / 03:30 hrs (3:30 AM) GMT
End: 22:30 hrs (10:30 PM) PST / 01:30 hrs (01:30 AM) EST / 06:30 hrs (6:30 AM) GMT

Affected Users:
During the maintenance window, the servers will be offline and users will not be able to log in and play Need for Speed World. Players who are already logged in and playing NFS World will be disconnected from the server and therefore, disconnected from the game.

Release Notes:

NEW Features
– Season’s Greetings! This merry update brings the Winter Holidays to Need for Speed World. Be on the lookout for all sorts of holiday themed decorations in the World…especially the golf course.
– The new “SHIFT” Edition Audi R8 is available for purchase from the NFS World Webstore.
– The Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec [R34] has been added to the game for Rental from the Car Dealer. The liveries of this car were inspired by the original Need for Speed™ Underground cover car.

Bug Fixes/Changes
– Fixed some bugs that were causing crashes during specific events.
– Players will no longer receive the error “Shopping cart purchase failed” when trying to save valid changes in the Paint Shop.
– The Nitrous powerup will now grant a minor boost of speed even if players are already at their car’s top speed.
– Players are now informed that Race Now has been cancelled after entering and exiting the Options menu while searching for opponents.
– HTML code has been disabled in the in-game chat to resolve an issue where the chat would become ‘stuck’ after entering certain symbols.
– Fixed an issue where players were returned to free roam after Lobby countdown reached zero.
– Lower level events now appear smaller and fade out as players level up.
– Race icons are no longer visible during a race. In addition, the finish line is no longer visible once the race is over.
– Repair button will no longer deduct additional cash if pressed again while the ‘Please wait’ message is displayed.
– Users should no longer be shown incorrect Rep / Cash reward values on the post-race screen.
– Fixed an issue where selecting ‘Ready’ in the Pre-Race screen was affecting other players’ ready lights.
– HUD no longer appears in screenshots taken with the Snapshot button in MeetingPlace events.
– Fixed an issue that was causing powerup icons to appear blurry on certain settings.
– Tutorials no longer appear twice after switching to Windowed mode.
– Fixed an issue that was causing the powerup HUD to disappear after skipping the tutorials.
– News Feed will no longer close when the player scrolls to the bottom.
– Selecting the boost store immediately after completing a race will no longer cause the HUD to disappear.
– Fixed an issue on the ‘Stadium & HWY 99’ event where players would crash into an overpass when racing at very high speeds.
– Players will no longer see the ‘Invite to Race’ option in the context menu after cancelling a Private Match.
– The ‘Finding Opponents’ text is no longer editable.
– The ‘Shield’ powerup visual effect no longer sticks to the ground if it used while under the effect of a ‘Traffic Magnet’ powerup.
– Fixed an issue where the incorrect colour value (HSV) was displayed in the Paint Shop after switching between paintable sections.
– The number ‘1’ vinyl has been re-added to the list of available vinyls (under ‘Total’).
– Clicking on an occupied powerup slot in the Powerup Console now empties that slot.
– Pursuit Length no longer includes time spent in tutorial pop-ups.
– DNF statistic is now shown as a number (instead of a %) throughout the game.
– An issue causing the Audio settings to revert back to previous settings after restarting has been resolved.
– Screenshots taken on the post-event screen are now properly saved in the Screenshots folder.
– A speed-bump in the Rosewood Bus Terminal that was causing problems with car physics has been fixed.
– Resolved a number of ‘pop-in’ bugs where buildings, signs, and terrain were appearing/disappearing suddenly.
– Fixed a number of areas where users could clip or fall through the world.
– Race markers should no longer appear floating in the air, or buried under the ground.
– Removed a few stray Pumpkins left over from Halloween.
– Fixed a large number of additional world art issues including: flickering geometry, clipping issues, missing textures and floating objects.
– Sound FX from other players’ cars should no longer cut out as suddenly as they drive away.
– A few missing Sound FX have been added.
– Minor Traffic AI Improvements have been made.
– Additional minor / localization fixes.


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