Noob Saibot And Sindel Revealed In New Mortal Kombat Video

Posted on February 2, 2011

With most of the classic MK 1 and 2 cast already revealed, there are only a handful of character announcements left for Mortal Kombat. Two have just been shown off in a new video at IGN – Noob Saibot and Sindel.

It looks like Noob can split apart and attack with both versions of himself. It’s almost reminiscent of when he was Noob-Smoke and could switch back and forth on the fly. Also of note is his name – he’s been referred to as simply Noob on many occasions ever since John Tobias left the series, but it seems like he’ll feature his full name once again (Noob Saibot is “Tobias Boon” backwards, a reference to the series co-creators).

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Despite the video being very Noob-focused, you can clearly see Shao Kahn’s bride Sindel in many shots. You can see a quick glimpse of her below.

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