Performance Customization – Getting Parts & Card Packs

Posted on November 11, 2010

It’s been a few days since Version 5 was deployed and with it the new Performance Customization system.  We’ve provided a Overview of the new Performance Customization system, took a in-depth look at the Performance Parts and showed you How to Use it .  Today we’re going to go give you some details about getting new parts and the new Card Packs.

How Do I Get New Parts?
There are three different ways to get new performance parts:

1. You can buy new parts using in-game cash from the Store on the Performance Customization screen.  For more information see Performance Customization – How To…

2. Parts can also be won from Races or Pursuits, specifically, from the Reward Cards on the Post Event screen.

3. You can also get parts by purchasing Card Packs.

What are Card Packs?
New to Need for Speed World; Card Packs are essentially bundles of reward cards that will give you either in-game cash, Powerups or performance parts.  Card Packs can be purchased by using either in-game cash or SpeedBoost and when you purchase a Card Pack you will receive five cards.  Once you’ve purchased a pack you chose to either reveal one card at a time or reveal all five cards at once.

Like performance parts, there are a few different places you can buy Card Packs from; the SpeedBoost Store, Post Event Screen or the Safe House.

There are three different types of Card Packs:

Mystery Pack
Win cash, Powerups and even performance parts.  These packs can be purchased using in-game cash or SpeedBoost.

Guarantees at least one performance part; all other cards will be random.  These packs can only be purchased using SpeedBoost.

Guarantees at least three performance parts; all other cards will be random.  These packs can only be purchased using SpeedBoost.

If you receive performance parts in your Card Pack you can sell parts right from the card pack screen after revealing the cards.

Tomorrow we’re going to go into detail about couple other new features in World; Car Durability & Insurance.


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