Photo or Photorealistic??

Posted on September 9, 2010

I was recently watching the gymkhana video that is very popular right now (for about the tenth time) when I noticed something that reminded me of a screen that I had awed over for Dirt 3. You can see my post with the screen I am referring to here.

I remembered being struck by how photorealistic the screen looked and thinking it was like photorealistic gaming had finally arrived. Sure some games come close and even extremely close in some cases but none (in my opinion at least) have quite reached the point where you can take a screenshot and then show people and have them be convinced you are showing them a picture. Some games do have particular areas that can be very convincing so we are obviously almost there and any day now games will be fully photorealistic.

But after seeing the video and noticing that spot and then going back to the screen etc. I have to wonder. It seems to me like this is either one of those areas where the game developers flat did it right and did achieve photorealism (to the point they would have had to have taken pictures of the actual location and incorporated them into the game) or a picture got slipped in as a screenshot.

Below is a print screen I took of what I am talking about. On the left is a frame grab from the video and on the right is a full resolution copy of the screen. Look at the tree line for one thing. There is a set of skid marks missing from the screen but many of the others appear to be there including the faint lighter colored ones.

Just curious.

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