Soldner-X 2: The Final Prototype – The Last Chapter [Review]

Posted on November 11, 2010
The shmup action of Soldner-X 2 continues in The Last Chapter.
Overall Feeling:
Soldner-X 2: The Final Prototype – The Last Chapter gives shmup fans a nice amount of goodness for a low price. Maintaining the same crazy scenarios found in the core experience, The Last Chapter has the same gorgeous visuals, crazy boss battles and high level of challenge that shmup fans have come to appreciate.
The Pros:
The price is perfect for what it offers. While there are only three levels, they’re all amazing and boast the unique Soldner-X art style. As the final installment of Soldner-X 2, The Last Chapter ends with an awesome boss battle that serves as an excellent way to end the game and the story of Soldner-X 2.
The Cons:
It would’ve been nice if there were at least one or two more levels. Racking up a reasonable score and ranking is still a pain in the ass. Rating :

Back in June the PSN received Soldner-X 2, the sequel to the 2008 shmup that at times redefined the meaning of hardcore.  With a more approachable difficulty level, Soldner-X 2 provided a nice amount of content that consisted of some well thought out boss battles and of course the seizure inducing visuals that accompany most shmup games.  Now, five months later we have The Last Chapter, a brand new piece of DLC for Soldner-X 2 that adds a few new levels, more maddingly difficult challenges

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