Reiner And Phil Play De Blob 2

Posted on March 04, 2011

De Blob 2 is a colorful platforming adventure from THQ that has players take on the role of a cute blob who has to bring color to the desaturated world around him. Never heard of it? Want more details? Reiner and I recorded a 20-minute video showing off the various collectibles you’ll be hunting down, how the game switches from 3D to 2D, and more.

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The mech action of Another Century's Episode is coming to the PSP

Posted on October 15, 2010
Now mech fans can take the battle on the go in ACE Portable.

Hardcore fans of Japanese anime and mechs are probably familiar with the video game franchise Another Century’s Episode.  While it’s exclusive to Japan due to licensing issues, ACE is essentially a mech fanboy’s dream come true as it features a roster of mechs from various anime shows.  ACE made its PS3 debut back in August and now the franchise is boosting over to the PSP.

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