Unaired Top Spin 4 Commercial Featuring Serena Williams Is Leaked, Almost Completely Shameful

Posted on March 22, 2011


Sometimes I see things that make me wonder about the direction the video game industry is taking. No, I’m not referring to how or if publishers should further promote indie games or how they should improve their promotion of digitally distributed games but am rather distraught about some of the advertising that has come out of the video game industry. Sometimes we get advertising that would make Don Draper a happy man but sometimes we get advertising that’s either so silly or jaw droppingly bad that it’s almost shocking that it ever passed the initial pitch stage.

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ESPN Attacks Kobe Bryant Over Black Ops Commercial

Posted on November 22, 2010

ESPN commentators are upset by Kobe Bryant’s appearance in a Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial where the NBA star wields a grenade launcher.

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A woman went into a hospital one day to give birth. Afterwards, the doctor
came to her and said, "I have some... odd news for you."
        "Is my baby all right?" the woman anxiously asked.
        "Yes, he is," the doctor replied, "but we don't know how. Your son
(we assume) was born with no body. He only has a head."
        Well, the doctor was correct. The Head was alive and well, though no
one knew how. The Head turned out to be fairly normal, ignoring his lack of
a body, and lived for some time as typical a life as could be expected under
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        One day, about twenty years after the fateful birth, the woman got a
phone call from another doctor. The doctor said, "I have recently perfected
an operation. Your son can live a normal life now: we can graft a body onto
his head!"
        The woman, practically weeping with joy, thanked the doctor and hung
up. She ran up the stairs saying, "Johnny, Johnny, I have a *wonderful*
surprise for you!"
        "Oh no," cried The Head, "not another HAT!"


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