Left 4 Dead 2 announces new DLC in the works

Posted on February 19, 2011

The Left 4 Dead 2 developers have posted an announcement releasing details about their work on a new DLC campaign named “Cold Stream” for…


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Left 4 Dead 2 rotates mutators

Posted on January 30, 2011

Left 4 Dead 2 has rotated out its mutator following the usual biweekly schedule, this time to something that fans of a more “intense”…


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Valve announces TF2 beta, Left 4 Dead 2 rotates mutations again

Posted on December 04, 2010

In a move reminiscent of the CounterStrike Source beta program Valve has announced a new TF2 beta where they can try out new tweaks, items, and map…


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Left 4 Dead 2's latest mutation invites the survivors to a Hunter Party

Posted on October 17, 2010

It’s Friday, which means it’s Pizza Night in America. Sure, a slice of ‘za is a great way to cap off the week, but some people prefer their unwinding to be a bit more slaughterful. So we’d like to point out the latest Left 4 Dead 2 mutation: Hunting Party.

This mutation simplifies the horde by turning all of the Special Infected into Hunters. No Boomers, no Smokers, no Jockeys, just the sheer agony of listening to screeching, nimble Hunters like so many dozens of nails scratching against so many dozens of chalkboards. And the tearing — oh, why all of the tearing?

JoystiqLeft 4 Dead 2’s latest mutation invites the survivors to a Hunter Party originally appeared on Joystiq on Sat, 16 Oct 2010 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The Sacrifice comic concludes, DLC out

Posted on October 06, 2010

The Sacrifice, Left 4 Dead’s thrilling comic, has concluded. It tells the story of how brave Bill went to the final respawn closet in the sky, as was revealed in The Passing, the Left 4 Dead 1 DLC released earlier this year. In a similar vein, The Sacrifice DLC has just shipped for free for both L4D 1 and 2, and lets you play through the fighty bit leading up to the climax of the comic. And the best part? Everything Left 4 Dead related has suddenly become ridiculously cheap.

You can get Left 4 Dead 2 on its own for £5.09/$6.79, the original Left 4 Dead for £4.41/$6.79, and both bundled together for £7.81/$10.19. The 4-packs are pretty cheap too. International prices courtesy of SteamPrices.com, hyperbolic salesmanship courtesy of Whitaker. Man, I’m glad those boycotters showed Valve what for so we could have free content for L4D this long after the sequel came out.

Has anyone played through the new campaign yet? Which game did you play it in? What did you think?

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Left 4 Dead 2 Comes To Mac Tomorrow

Posted on October 04, 2010

Tomorrow Valve is bringing a double dose of zombie-blasting entertainment to Left 4 Dead fans: Not only will the new Sacrifice DLC be available for download, but the Mac version of Valve’s popular sequel will also be released, complete with a couple of cool perks.

On the official Left 4 Dead blog, Valve announced that if you bought the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2, then you already own the Mac version as well. Additionally, those who purchase the Mac version will have access to the game’s three DLC packs (The Passing, tomorrow’s The Sacrifice, and the remake of Left 4 Dead’s No Mercy), plus the new Mutations and all of the user-created campaigns.

The only downside for Mac users is that the original Left 4 Dead is taking longer than Valve expected, so they will be playing the sequel before the first game. Still, it’s nice to see such hearty support for an often overlooked platform.

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The Sacrifice Trailer Released

Posted on October 01, 2010

Trailer for the upcoming Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, The Sacrifice, has been released. View it belowFor more media and information, check out...
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Valve Confirms Left 4 Dead and L4D2 DLC for Oct. 5

Posted on September 27, 2010

Valve has confirmed that ‘The Sacrifice’, DLC for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, will be released on October 5 for the PC and Xbox 360. It will be free for both games on the PC, while the Xbox 360 DLC will cost 560 MS Points ($7).

“‘The Sacrifice’ is the prequel to ‘The Passing,’ and takes place from the L4D Survivors’ perspective as they make their way South,” reads the press release. “In addition to advancing the story, ‘The Sacrifice’ introduces a new style finale featuring “Sacrificial Gameplay” where players get to decide who will give their life so the others may live.”

In L4D, ‘The Sacrifice’ will include the campaign and maps playable in Versus a…
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Survival Versus Returns To Left 4 Dead 2 This Week

Posted on September 27, 2010

Fans of Left 4 Dead 2’s mutations can look forward to a returning mode this week. Survival Versus debuted back in July, and tasks teams with surviving longer than their opponents. As Valve describes:

The first Survivor team sets the time. The second team tries to beat it. Then the first team tries to beat the second team’s time. Then the second team tries to beat the first team’s time. And then the… you get the idea. Rounds keep switching until someone fails to beat the previous time.

If you haven’t popped L4D2 into your 360 recently, this might be a fun reason to dust it off and slay a few (hundred) zombies. Between this mode and Dead Rising 2’s release this week, there should be scores of undead meeting their end this week.

Source: Left 4 Dead 2 blog via Joystiq

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