The Future Of Mortal Kombat DLC: Who Should Be Included Next?

Posted on April 30, 2011


We’ve been graced with something that rarely happens: a sequel that is totally amazing in almost every possible way.  I’m of course referring to the new installment of Mortal Kombat which offers some of the best fighting and most enjoyable fighting I’ve ever experienced in a game. One of the big reasons that the new Mortal Kombat game is such a hit in my eyes is because the game is packed with content like treasure trove that is the Krpyt, a fan pleasing Story Mode and bonus goodies like the addicting but sometimes brutal Challenge Tower.

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Finish Him: Our Mortal Kombat Round-Up

Posted on April 24, 2011

FEATURE: We’ve written a ton about the recent revival of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Check out this round-up for our review, strange facts and more!
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Highlight of the Week: This is how a real man asks a woman out to dinner (Mortal Kombat (2011))

Posted on April 22, 2011

One of the best things about the new Mortal Kombat has to be Johnny Cage. He’s undoubtedly a dick (only a dick would tattoo ‘Johnny’ across his chest), but he plays it so well that it’s impossible not to like the guy. Without him, Mortal Kombat’s ridiculous pantomime plot would feel way too sincere. This is just one of Johnny’s many outstanding story mode moments:

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Video Review: Mortal Kombat

Posted on April 19, 2011

VIDEO: Mortal Kombat plays it safe by rebooting the entire series but it succeeds with shiny new graphics, tons of features, and buckets of blood.
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Still Want More Mortal Kombat: Legacy Pre-Release Goodness? Well Here’s A New Pic Featuring Scorpion

Posted on April 11, 2011


In case you didn’t quite get your fill of Mortal Kombat: Legacy goodness with the teaser clip and Sub-Zero image that were released, then perhaps a new pic of Scorpion will satisfy you until the Tuesday premier of the web series.  So far we haven’t exactly gotten complete character profile shots for the characters included in Mortal Kombat: Legacy but series Director Kevin Tancharoen has taken to his Twitter account to give us yet another small …

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Johnny Cage Shows Why He’s So Awesome In This New Mortal Kombat Video

Posted on April 04, 2011


Fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise all know that when it comes to being totally cocky and too egotistical that no one trumps Johnny Cage.  The man that’s supposed to be a riff on the Hollywood action stars that we love has been a fan-favorite character since he first appeared in MK1, way back in 1992.  Since debuting as a somewhat obvious parody on Jean-Claude Van Damme, Johnny Cage has since blossomed to become a character whose one-liners and attitude is completely unrivaled by anything we’ve seen before, whether it’s a real person or a completely fictitious one.

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Stryker Joins The Cast of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Posted on February 16, 2011

From starting out as what seemingly seemed like nothing more than a one and done film pitch, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth has quickly blossomed into what could be an amazing project if everything falls into line.  With Director Kevin Tancharoen (the dude who directed the original pitch short) at the helm of the nine part MK: Rebirth web series, we should receive the same dark and grounded MK retelling we all fell in love with last year.

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Noob Saibot And Sindel Revealed In New Mortal Kombat Video

Posted on February 16, 2011

With most of the classic MK 1 and 2 cast already revealed, there are only a handful of character announcements left for Mortal Kombat. Two have just been shown off in a new video at IGN – Noob Saibot and Sindel.

It looks like Noob can split apart and attack with both versions of himself. It’s almost reminiscent of when he was Noob-Smoke and could switch back and forth on the fly. Also of note is his name – he’s been referred to as simply Noob on many occasions ever since John Tobias left the series, but it seems like he’ll feature his full name once again (Noob Saibot is “Tobias Boon” backwards, a reference to the series co-creators).

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Despite the video being very Noob-focused, you can clearly see Shao Kahn’s bride Sindel in many shots. You can see a quick glimpse of her below.

For more, check out our previous online Mortal Kombat coverage.

More Mortal Kombat Videos

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Another Casting Announcement Is Finally Made for Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Posted on February 15, 2011

Filming has finally begun on Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, the live-action MK web series based on the short film that leaked last year which has since been dubbed a fan film by Warner Brothers.  Last week we got early confirmation that MK: Rebirth was finally lensing as actress Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) revealed her involvement in the project as she’ll be playing Sonya Blade.  Jeri joins Michael Jai-White who is also returning to MK: Rebirth as Jax, albeit the Police Detective version …

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A Special Xbox Character Could Be Coming To Mortal Kombat [Rumor]

Posted on January 29, 2011
Xbox 360 gamers may be getting some exclusive MK goodness if this rumor actually pans out.

Having platform specific characters for a fighting game is something that never really goes over well with gamers.  In some cases having character x appear on one console and not the other will lead to further fanboy battles and an audience that is slightly ticked off that they’re not receiving an additional combatant to master and own fools with online.

Yes, feature this story in the front page image header.

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Morning Hangover: Too Many Fighting Games

Posted on January 24, 2011

Mortal Kombat Hands-On Preview

Within the first few months of 2011 we’ll be given the gift of multiple fighting game options. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will be out on February 15. Super Street Fighter IV 3D for the 3DS will most likely be out on March 27 and Mortal Kombat will launch on April 19th. For the offensively rich that’s a new game every month but for the fiscally challenged like myself only one game will make its way to my shelf. I love all of these franchises and yet I have to choose. Help me out, which game will you be buying and why?



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Games of 2011: Mortal Kombat

Posted on January 20, 2011

PREVIEW: Read on to learn how the creators of the influential Mortal Kombat series aim to resurrect it by returning to its darker roots in our latest “Games of 2011″ preview.


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Video: Mileena gets stab-happy in Mortal Kombat

Posted on January 15, 2011

Way back in Mortal Kombat 2, it was kind of a secret that beautiful Mileena was really a hideous monster underneath the mask. In the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, she wears her monstrous heritage on her sleeve. She’s also a bit more … is stabby the right word? Yeah, we’re going to go with stabby.

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JoystiqVideo: Mileena gets stab-happy in Mortal Kombat originally appeared on Joystiq on Sat, 15 Jan 2011 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sub-Zero Is A Bit Of A Showboat

Posted on December 23, 2010

Don’t let looks deceive you: There are more than just monks watching the fights in Mortal Kombat. As this clip from Dorkly shows, perhaps some of those people should have stayed home. It’s bad enough that Scorpion got his head pulled off, but is that something that his poor family needed to be exposed to? Don’t answer that. We’ve probably spent way too much time thinking about this already.

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Kratos Will Appear In Mortal Kombat On PS3, Other Characters Possibly Leaked

Posted on December 08, 2010

We’ve seen crossovers in fighting games before (Link/Heihachi/Spawn in Soul Calibur II, Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur IV, etc), but few are as perfect a fit as an appearance we’ve recently learned about. According to the latest issue of OPM, the God of War himself will be fully playable in the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot.

He won’t be selectable in the main story mode, but in VS mode he’ll feature his own full moveset, complete with fatalities. David Jaffe, director of the original God of War, has already enthusiastically commented about the inclusion on his Twitter page:

LOVE that Kratos is in the new MK. So bummed he’s not in the story portion. Heard about it from Ed at E3 this year and had to keep super mum on it but man, ****ing LOVE it. He totally fits in that world. I **** you not- on some level I feel like all the characters I work on are alive and that I have a relationship with them and I can tell you, if I know Kratos- and I do!- he’s ****ing LOVING his time in the MK Universe. I bet he makes a **** ton of friends there. He should pull Zeus in and ****ing leave his ass there!

As a huge fan of both God of War and Mortal Kombat, this news definitely gets me even more excited for a game that already looks amazing. One has to wonder about whether the game will also feature an exclusive character for the 360 version.

In addition to the Kratos news, some leaked info from the official MK site may have revealed some previously unannounced fighters. Goro, Quan Chi, Stryker (ugh), Noob Saibot, Sindel, Kabal, Smoke, Shang Tsung, and Ermac can all be heard in the video below. Other videos with the audio have been quickly pulled from YouTube, so don’t be surprised if it gets pulled any minute.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

We’ll be sure to update with any news regarding the new Mortal Kombat as soon as we hear it.

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New Mortal Kombat MKcast is now up, features lots of Kung Lao badassery

Posted on December 06, 2010
NetherRealm dishes on what new combat manuevers and additions are in MK.

The MKast has returned once again to inform Mortal Kombat fans of what they can expect from the next installment of the brutal fighting franchise.  The third part of a four part MKast, this latest installment delves deep into the new gameplay enhancements and additions that are being made to the latest Mortal Kombat.

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Sub-Zero's ice-cold combos revealed in latest Mortal Kombat trailer

Posted on November 21, 2010

In this new Mortal Kombat trailer, we get a glimpse at Sub-Zero‘s fall-back career: juggling. We have a feeling he’d be at home on a stage somewhere, tossing chainsaws around — if the Lin Kuei didn’t have such an amazing dental plan, he probably would’ve given up assassinating a long time ago.


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JoystiqSub-Zero’s ice-cold combos revealed in latest Mortal Kombat trailer originally appeared on Joystiq on Sun, 21 Nov 2010 21:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Trailer Wrap-Up — Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter And Sub-Zero

Posted on November 20, 2010

Sub Zero

Sometimes trailers get overlooked for no reason other than breaking news happens and it takes priority. But no more. The days of trailers being ignored are over. A trailer not getting posted? A trailer not getting the love it deserves? A trailer not getting the opportunity to be cherished? Not on my watch.

Today we have trailers for:

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North takes place while Frodo is trying to get rid of that ring. You know, the one. While that battle is going on you must stop an even greater threat in the North. Take a journey through the ravaged lands of the North in the first trailer showing gameplay for LOTR: WitN.

Now you can play Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 with your Kinect. The Kienct motion scanning camera allows you to wave your arms in order to cast spells. It’s like magic!  Why not let George and Fred Weasly show you how it’s done?

Sub Zero is a fighter that needs no introduction. This trailer shows him doing what he does best: freezing and punching. And just when you think you’ve got him figured out he freezes and then kicks.



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Exciting new Mortal Kombat footage and news

Posted on October 30, 2010
Check out a classic MK character once again in action.

Earlier this week we were promised some new goodness for Mortal Kombat and we certainly got that last night on Gametrailers TV.  Not only did the new episode of GT TV feature a ton of info and insight on the development process of the new MK game, but it also revealed a new roster addition: Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs.  Good old power arms Jax will be joining the brutal battle that is Mortal Kombat and I must say that I’m really digging his look and moves set so far.  Jax’s back breaker move in particular has that perfect brutal look to it and his victory celebration pose of …

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Get some insight on the design process of Mortal Kombat via the MKast [Video]

Posted on October 26, 2010
Want to find out about the dev process of the new MK? Then check out the MKast.

The upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot may still be some months away from release, but at least we have the MKast to fill us in on the latest Mortal Kombat 9 news.  What’s the MKast say you uninformed MK fans out there? Well the MKast is a podcast/vidcast hosted by MK producers Hector and Hans in which they delve into the latest updates concerning the game amongst other things.

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