Sony May Be Hit By A Third Attack This Weekend

Posted on May 05, 2011

PSN, Playstation Network
Sony may be hit by yet another attack this weekend. According to CNET, hackers are planning to attack Sony’s website in the next few days. The attack is said t …

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‘Filmy’ PS3 app lets you view and organize video captured by Sony cams

Posted on February 10, 2011

We should clarify — the new PS3 app lets you view and organize video from your Sony-branded digital camera, not the footage captured by the Sony cams hidden throughout your home. As you know, those are designed to detect the arrival of new, exciting games and then send notice of a new firmware update just as you’re putting in the disc.

There’s no need for a disc when accessing “Filmy,” the sounds-like-a-cute-mascot video app that becomes available on the PlayStation Store today. Once downloaded and installed, it allows viewing of AVCHD-encoded video from any USB-connected Sony camera that supports the format. Videos can be searched quickly and organized into digests based on camera metadata (such as “Face Detection”) or geographical tagging, if the camera has a GPS. If you’ve been anywhere remote and/or remotely interesting, you’ll be able to find those clips marked on a fancy representation of our space-faring orb.

There’s a free version of Filmy that allows full feature operation for fifteen minutes, but the less curtailed version will run you $5. You could probably earn that back by turning your camera on the bedroom, recording a spooky message written on a fogged-up mirror and then selling the whole thing to a Hollywood studio as “Abnormal Happenings.”

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Joystiq‘Filmy’ PS3 app lets you view and organize video captured by Sony cams originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 08 Feb 2011 23:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sony open to expanding PlayStation Suite to additional platforms

Posted on February 01, 2011

Sony’s PlayStation Suite service will have somewhat humble beginnings as a delivery system for PSOne Classics on Android and will, of course, be supported on the NGP, but Sony is looking to cast a wide net with the program over time. The first step to bringing the PlayStation brand out into the world is to open it up to as many Android users as possible.

“We have a completely open stance,” Hirai said (translated by Andriasang), “With carriers and with handset makers.” Which means it’s not just phones like Sony Ericsson’s ephemeral Xperia Play that will benefit from the PlayStation Suite, but other, buttonless Android phones that people … probably shouldn’t try to play PlayStation games on.

After Android phones, Hirai is looking to move to Android tablets. Following that, he said, “We’re not ruling out PSS even on products like Sony Internet TV Powered by Google (Google TV) if adoption rate increases, or if it will help push adoption greatly.” Sony is “focusing first” on Android, with an eye toward other operating systems including iOS and Windows at a later date, because “we don’t have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start.”

That’s a lot of things that aren’t PlayStations running PlayStation games!

JoystiqSony open to expanding PlayStation Suite to additional platforms originally appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 31 Jan 2011 20:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sony’s ‘Headman’ 3D visor promises 3D gaming without the need for a new TV. Penny-pinchers rejoice! (Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception)

Posted on January 07, 2011

Do you yearn to see Nathan Drake’s sand-covered shirt in three dimensions? Or want to witness the Helghast getting their SS-sponsored helmets knocked off in 3D? No problem. Wait, you’re too cheap to buy a new TV, you say? Well fret not, because Sony is developing a 3D visor (currently nicknamed Headman), which will let you play games without a tele box at all.


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Sony Cambridge is working on something big

Posted on November 09, 2010
Sony Cambridge is taking a crack at a huge franchise.

Out of the various Sony development studios across the globe, Sony Europe particularly the Sony Cambridge firm has gone through a huge shift of sorts. After being a powerhouse in the PS1 and PS2 era, Sony Cambridge was relegated to a technology studio along with tackling PSP and PlayStation Eye/Move projects.  Sony Cambridge going that route was a bit disappointing especially in the wake of The Getaway and Eight Days getting cancelled.

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Is This The PlayStation Phone?

Posted on October 30, 2010

We’ve heard rumors for ages now that Sony would soon be introducing a “PlayStation Phone” into the marketplace. Tonight, the latest and most exciting piece of evidence on this new product has been presented: actual pictures of a prototype of the device.

Engadget has their hands on this early model of the PlayStation Phone, which definitely looks a bit unfinished visually and is also apparently quite buggy. The pad in the middle is for multi-touch gameplay, and the phone includes the shoulder buttons we’ve come to expect from Sony handhelds/controllers. It is rumored to run off of Android 3.0 and connect to a Sony Marketplace for buying games.

Engadget speculates that with the phone still unfinished, a 2011 release is most likely, but a late 2010 release is still possible. Either way, with the prototype leaked, hopefully Sony will make an official announcement some time soon.

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Sony Prepping A Big Launch For The New PSP

Posted on September 28, 2010

There are increasing reports of development kits for Sony’s talked-about new PlayStation Portable, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, but is expected to appear next year.

Develop Online has a report that Sony is bombarding first- and third-party developers with the kits in order to hit the ground running with software when the handheld comes out. Unfortunately, the article does not shed any more light on the unit’s features, which are rumored to include smart phone capabilities among other things.

Sony would be smart to try and open the development flood gates for this new PSP, as engaging software for the original unit was one of the few weaknesses to an otherwise attractive handheld.

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Move Review Roundup

Posted on September 17, 2010

Sony’s new motion controller hits stores today. How does it perform? Here’s a handy list of our reviews for the peripheral’s launch titles, as well as the hardware itself.

Move Hardware Review: Motion Controls Evolved

“Despite some minor problems, the more we played with Move the more it
impressed us. The PlayStation Eye and motion controller are a killer
combination for accurate and highly responsive motion-based gameplay,
and we applaud Sony for getting the hardware right the first time. However, any excitement over the Move hardware must be weighed against the quality of the games that support it.”

Sports Champions Review: Outplaying Wii Sports In Every Way

“Sony didn’t help its cause to differentiate Move from the Wii by
selecting Sports Champions – a collection of sports-based minigames in
the same vein as Wii Sports – as the title to be included in the Move
bundle. But after playing Sports Champions extensively, I’m confident
that Sony made the right choice: No other title does as good of a job
showing off the exciting feats the new peripheral can accomplish.”

Tumble Review: Bringing Fun, Unique Challenges To Tower Building

“While its simplistic design gives Tumble the
appearance of a glossy Move tech demo, the variety of unique,
mind-bending challenges offered in this upcoming PSN title makes Tumble
one of the more desirable Move launch games to date, especially when a
friend joins in for local multiplayer.”

Start The Party Review: A Minigame Compilation That Will End Your Party

“If Start The Party put half the effort into coming up with some
additional creative and entertaining minigames as it does courting the
casual crowd with flashy graphics and annoying sound effects, than I
could recommend trying out this minigame collection in good conscience.
As it stands, the novelty of playing around with augmented reality will
quickly wear out under the weight of the game’s shallowness and
obnoxious demeanor.”

Kung Fu Rider Review: Less Fun Than A Kung Fu Kick To The Groin

“Whenever a gaming company launches new technology,
some titles will fail to take advantage of the new hardware. To put Kung Fu
Rider in this category would be exceedingly generous. This is a game about
riding office chairs, and through some reverse miracle, the developers actually
managed to make the game stupider than it sounds.”

Resident Evil 5: Move Edition Video Preview

“Sony is set to release the PlayStation Move on September 17, and some
gamers are wary that this family-friendly hardware will offer nothing
for the hardcore. Capcom has a plan, though. That plan is to release an
update for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on September 19, which will allow you to play the game with the Move and Navigation controllers. We booted up the 2009 hit and fired away.”

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