StarDock Annual Report Hints at More Solar Empire, Laments Elemental

Posted on February 24, 2011

StarDock’s annual Customer Report was released today and, as usual, CEO Brad Wardell provided a frank overview of the company’s successes and shortcomings, along with a few sprinkled hints of plans for the future.


Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental: War of Magic

Unsurprisingly, Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity was counted as a standout success, and the company teased “important announcements” for the franchise this year. The report later states that it anticipates “3 big announcements” this …


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Stardock hires Civilization V lead designer and respected sci-fi author to work on Elemental

Posted on January 06, 2011

Stardock today announced that they have hired John Schafter, the Lead Designer on Civilization V, and that he will be working on saving the troubled Elemental: War of Magic before starting up his own project within the company. Stardock have also hired fantasy and science fiction author Dave Stern to work on storytelling across all of Stardock’s games.

John Schafer recently parted ways with Firaxis after finishing work on Civilization V, and will be joining Stardock to help out with the game’s rehabilitiation and future expansions. After that he’s set to start his own stand alone project, of which no details have yet been announced.

Dave Stern may be familiar to many as the author of several Star Trek books, and the man behind novelisations of Tomb Raider and the Blair Witch Project. He’ll be casting a writer’s eye over the storytelling in Stardock’s projects, starting with Elemental: War of Magic

This is pretty great news for Elemental, which recently received it’s first major update since launch, and is still being heavily worked on behind the scenes as Stardock try and overcome the game’s disappointing release. For more information check out our Elemental: War of Magic review, and our updated impressions collected after patch 1.1.

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