Need for Speed The Run – Your Questions Answered

Posted on May 05, 2011


Questions about Need for Speed The Run have come flooding in and we’ve gotten some answers. While some of the more specific questions made the development team clam up faster than a threatened mafia witness, they were more than happy to chat about some of the exciting new features Need for Speed The Run is bringing to the table.

So thank you to everyone who sent in questions – including the question “Is it going to be awesome?” (YES!) – here’s what we have for you so far. We’ll be doing everything in our power to make the dev team keep talking, so keep sending your questions in and check back often for more updates.

Why use the Frostbite 2.0 engine?

One of our goals with Need for Speed The Run was to set the bar for visuals higher than any previous Need for Speed, and working with DICE’s revolutionary Frostbite 2.0 engine, we’re able to do that. The visual quality in Need for Speed The Run is unmatched among action racing games.

Three games in one year is a lot, what happened to the once-yearly Need for Speed?

Black Box was the company that put Need for Speed on the map, and has been developing Need for Speed The Run for more than two years already. Even though we’re more than six months away from release, we have some groundbreaking gameplay footage to show our fans at E3. Currently, there are three studios working on Need for Speed games, with Black Box and Criterion focusing on action racing experiences, and Slightly Mad Studios working on adrenalin-pumping simulations.

What can we expect from Autolog in Need for Speed The Run?

Autolog is back and better than ever. We’ve found plenty of new ways to encourage friendly – but heated – competition between you and your friends. Autolog is now a staple to the franchise and a feature we’ll continue to grow with each Need for Speed game.

Can you tell me anything about the story?

All we can say at this point about the story is that you’ll be drawn into an illicit, high-stakes race with no speed limits, no allies, and one goal: making it to New York first.

You said this year Need for Speed goes to the next level, what does that mean?

This year, we’re pushing the limits of everything you’ve expected from a Need for Speed game, with a gripping storyline, awe-inspiring visuals, and the most intense racing experience you’ll find anywhere.

How good are the car physics in Need for Speed The Run?

The development team is hard at work to create road-hugging physics that are in line with what you expect from an action racing Need for Speed game.

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