Cave Announces A Trio Of New Titles For The Xbox 360

Posted on February 20, 2011

I’m a huge fan of the shmup genre (2D or 2.5D side-scrolling shooting games) and while the genre may not be as popular as it was back in the day, at least we have developers like Cave keeping the tradition alive.  The publisher behind some of the most popular shmup games on the market has announced three new titles for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade.  The hardcore legion of shmup fans out there know Cave best for their sometimes off the wall concepts, and I don’t think their new titles will disappoint in that regard.

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Homefront Devs Love Dedicated Servers

Posted on January 23, 2011

Homefront will have dedicated servers for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and developer Kaos thinks it’s just the way to go.

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Bulletstorm Demo Hitting Xbox 360 & PS3 This Month

Posted on January 14, 2011

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will be treated to a downloadable demo for People Can Fly and Epic’s shooter Bulletstorm on January 25, publisher EA announced today. PC gamers, well, you can swear and pull funny faces to simulate the experience.

The demo will feature Bulletstorm’s single-player ‘Echo’ mode, where players aim to score big and top scoreboards in snippets of the full campaign; you’ll want to practice Skillshots to best your chums. The demo’s …


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The best of the PC at CES 2011

Posted on January 11, 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 has just wrapped up, showing off hundreds of hot new gadgets to the world. CES always provides a great insight into the technology of the future, and that includes the chips, processors and controllers we can expect to be using with our PCs later this year. Below you’ll find an overview of five of the most interesting bits of new tech shown at this year’s convention.

1. Razer Hydra motion controls and Portal 2

Razer have created their own precision motion controller for the PC. It’s called the Hydra, and like the Ninendo Wii controller, it consists of two handheld controllers linked by a cable, the movements of which can be recognised by a device that sits on your desktop and projects a six foot wide electromagnetic field. The controller will come bundled with a special copy of Portal 2 that will contain an extra level pack specifically designed to make use of the Hydra’s abilities. The controller allows the player to pick up, stretch and distort special blocks to solve the game’s puzzles. Here’s Progaming’s video showing one of the new Portal 2 levels being demoed with the Hydra.

2. Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor

It wasn’t just the Razer Hydra that featured Valve’s input at this year’s CES. Valve CEO Gabe Newell gave a presentation singing the praises of Intel’s new ‘Sandy Bridge’ processor. It’s a CPU with built in graphics card capabilities. At the moment it’s not powerful enough to make graphics cards redundant, but it’s an interesting glimpse of a possible future in which integrated graphics technology outshines separate GFX components. Newell says that Portal 2 has been specifically optimised to work with the Sandy Bridge technology.

3. PrimeSense Wavi Xtion motion sensor camera

PrimeSense are the company responsible for much of the depth sensing technology in Microsoft’s motion sensing Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. They’ve teamed up with ASUS to create the Wavi Xtion motion sensing camera, which has been designed for use with the PC. The device is due to be released in February along with the Xtion Pro Developer Kit, which should give Kinect hackers a more powerful alternative to the Microsoft camera. The twist to the Wavi Xtion is that it comes with a pair of boxes that wirelessly stream data between your PC and your TV, letting you play games on your TV powered by the hardware in your desktop computer.

4. Razer Switchblade

One of the best gadgets to be unveiled at CES 2011 was the prototype for Razer’s Switchblade notebook. It features a multi-touch screen and an adaptive keyboard that changes depending on the game or application you’re running. The Intel Atom processor within is powerful enough to run games, but flexible enough for multimedia activities like watching films or browsing the web. Check out the video below for an overview, or the official Razer site for more information.

5. Nvidia 3D monitor

Nvidia announced a new 3D PC monitor, the Lenovo L2363d. The 23 inch screen can display 3D images at 1920 x 1080 resolution and even comes with a built in, dual lens 3D camera that can capture 3D stills and film, and even allows for 3D video chat. Unfortunately, you’ll still need the special glasses to enjoy the 3D effect, and price details are yet to be announced.


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Video demonstration makes sense of N-Control Avenger

Posted on January 11, 2011

Remember that Xbox 360 controller attachment that turns your gamepad into a monstrous tangle of levers? Engadget met up with creator N-Control during CES, capturing just what the Avenger thing is on video.

After the break, see how the Avenger uses an elaborate, Mouse Trap-style arrangement to allow access to all of the controller’s buttons without moving your thumbs off of the sticks — ostensibly saving you valuable milliseconds of reaction time. Of course, the adapter requires several minutes of explanation, so perhaps it’s a wash.

Continue reading Video demonstration makes sense of N-Control Avenger

JoystiqVideo demonstration makes sense of N-Control Avenger originally appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 10 Jan 2011 20:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The Behemoth Giving Away Gold-Plated Xbox 360 in Celebratory ‘Tournament of Champions’

Posted on January 10, 2011

To celebrate Castle Crashers reaching the prestigious two million player mark on Xbox 360, developer The Behemoth has sold its complete stock portfolio for gold, liquidated the bars and dipped an Xbox 360 into the rich cauldron only to give it all away to one lucky fan.

Although we made up the way in which the indie developer procured such a rare find, The Behemoth really is giving away a 24-karat, gold-plated Xbox 360 console in an upcoming XBLA Castle Crashers tournament.

To qualify for the prize fit for a prince, players must “be in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the Castle Crashers leader…


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PS3 Users Gaming Under Half The Time On System

Posted on December 17, 2010

A recent Nielsen survey analyzed usage stats for gamers ages 13 and up to find out how the three major home consoles are used. PlayStation 3 fans seem to be taking the “It only does everything” ad tagline to heart.

As you can see from the chart above, PS3 users love watching Blu-rays and DVDs, and tend to tinker with streaming video. The Wii dominates in the gameplay category. This can most certainly be attributed to the fact that the system cannot play DVDs, since streaming video watching is still relatively high. The Xbox 360 leads in online gameplay time investment and barely edges out the PS3 in offline gameplay.

Check out the full preliminary report from Nielsen to see a few more interesting charts and stats.

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Dead Space 2: New "Ring Around The Rosie" Trailer

Posted on November 05, 2010
New Dead Space 2 trailer wants to scare you to sleep with a new lullaby.

EA and Visceral Games released a new trailer that guarantees to keep you up at night with a new creepy trailer for Dead Space 2.

The trailer uses “Ring Around the Rosie” to set the terrifying mood that evokes the memories of the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” trailer for the first Dead Space game.

Dead Space releases on Jan 25 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Review: The Sims 3 (Xbox 360)

Posted on November 04, 2010

Your Sims have come to your living room, they’re just more annoying to control.

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ESRB rates Namco's 'Aero-Cross' for 360 and PS3

Posted on October 11, 2010

The ESRB rating for Namco Bandai’s Aero-Cross (first seen in Australian and German ratings) includes a content description that confirms our suspicions about it being a follow-up to the surreal, arcade foot-racing game Metro-Cross. It’s a futuristic racing game about a running man, just like Metro-Cross was, and places obstacles in front of that runner like “mines, hurdles, and rolling barrels.”

New to this game: robots that administer a shock to the racer, “resulting in a shocking effect that causes the racer’s body to twitch.” That’s progress! Aero-Cross was rated for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, likely as a downloadable game.

[Image: The Arcade Flyer Archive]

JoystiqESRB rates Namco’s ‘Aero-Cross’ for 360 and PS3 originally appeared on Joystiq on Mon, 11 Oct 2010 10:32:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Marvel Bringing Classic X-Men Arcade Game to PS3 and Xbox 360

Posted on October 10, 2010
The quarter gobbling X-men arcade hit will be coming into your living rooms

In my opinion, two of the greatest arcade games I ever played was The Simpsons and X-men. Both of these quarter munching machines were released by Konami and now at least of one of them is ready to makes it debut on your gaming console.

Today at New York Comic Con, Marvel revealed that the X-Men Arcade classic will be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles via Sony’s PSN and Microsoft’s XBL Marketplace.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Free DLC Announced

Posted on October 09, 2010

The first Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 downloadable content will be released for free on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStaiton 3 on October 12, publisher Konami announced today.

England’s new kit and some more licensed boots.

The DLC “will bring the player roster files completely up to date, while clubs that qualified for the UEFA Champions League Group Round, will be added to the game’s dedicated mode,” Konami says, plus “A number of team kits have also been updated in line with their current use, and four more licensed boots have b…
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Supreme Commander 2: Infinite War out tomorrow

Posted on September 27, 2010

Gas Powered Games are due to release their Infinite War Battle Pack DLC for Steam and Xbox Live tomorrow. The PC version of the pack will cost £7/€10, and it’ll have new units, maps, and sexy changes to the research tree. The Xbox version just has slightly smaller versions of the maps, and no new experimentals. Awww. The PC patch notes are below:

New Maps

  • Way Station Zeta – 4 player
  • Rigs – 4 player
  • Etched Desert – 4/8 player
  • Desolatia – 2 player
  • Seraphim Isles – 4/8 player
  • Igneous – 6 player
  • QAI Labs – 2 player
  • Tourneydome – 8 player

UEF changes

  • Research: Naval Transportation – your experimental transports can carry naval units.
  • Structure: UEF Aegis – a big experimental shield that covers “an entire base.” It’s got massive health, but needs a manual recharge that costs energy when it goes down.
  • Structure: The Research Converter turns mass into research points. Got a stack of scrap metal and not much up top? Stick it all in this blender thingy to boost your brain power.
  • Research: Speed Overdrive – select land units get a burst of speed for an energy cost.
  • Research: ACU veterancy rate increase.
  • New Unit: The Super Triton is an Experimental Dreadnought that has a shedload of massive guns, but a much shorter range than regular battleships. It’s the same idea as a shotgun, but much, much bigger. And it floats.
  • Research: ACU structure build cost decrease.
  • Research: Structure regeneration.
  • New Unit: The Jackhammer is a mobile artillery cannon that must ‘unpack’ in order to fire. While unpacked, it has boosted health, but can’t move.
  • New Unit:: The Field Engineer is a mobile assault bot that can repair other units. It can’t build, reclaim, or capture, but boy can it heal. You’ll want these tailing around behind your bigger experimentals.

Illuminate changes

  • New Unit: The Sooprizer is an Illuminate gunship that, like the Darkenoid saucer, is a huge direct fire bastard of a thing. Unlike the Darkenoid, it doesn’t have any anti air and can take a beating from the ground.
  • Structure: The Illuminator is a giant, white plastic phallus that provides temporary vision and radar in a “huge radius”, but suffers from a long cooldown period between activations and a high energy cost. We’ve all been there, buddy.
  • Research: Tank Torpedo weapon – adds a torpedo launcher to the standard tank so that it can kill boats and submarines.
  • Research: Amphibious Structures – your buildings can be built on water. Yay, now your massed submarines have a use!
  • Structure: The Buhbledow is an experimental shield destroyer. It fires an EMP warhead that pops all shields in the impact area, can hit most of the map, but does next to no damage against other units and structures. Which is weird, because buildings and giant robots tend to have electronics in them.
  • New Unit: Shotja is a hovering sniper robot. It can fire a high-damage round from medium range, but it’s got a long cooldown and slow movement speed. It may or may not be Australian.
  • Research: “Air Health II”. Does that mean anything to you? I guess, you can unlock more health for air units. Exciting? No. Good for air units? Yes.
  • Research: Air Teleport – now that’s more like it. Air units can teleport a short distance mid-flight. If they were thinking with portals, they’d teleport to the same place but facing the opposite direction – two bombing runs in one!
  • Research: Structures can sacrifice themselves to heal nearby units.

Cybran changes

  • New Unit: The Cybran Monkeylord is back. A big laser with lots of giant legs – what’s not to like?
  • Structure: The Recycler is a stationary structure that automatically reclaims wreckage and crashed planes in a medium radius. It can’t reclaim living units. Again, I’d like to point out to Gas Powered Games that robots are not necessarily alive.
  • New Unit: The Cicada is a cloak generator that completely hides every unit around it, but can’t hide itself. It can keep itself running for about a minute before it has to recharge, and that alone makes it more useful than my mobile phone.
  • Research: Naval Jump Jets – they’ve gone and put jetpacks on boats, people. JETPACKS ON BOATS.
  • Research: After they’ve exploded, your artillery shells can still see the enemy base for a few seconds. That’s pretty weird! Scouting with giant bombs is probably my favourite method of scouting.
  • New Unit: The Intellitron is a new Cybran air scout unit that has wide vision and radar. It’s quick enough to outrun anti-air, which is, like… super quick. It’s a shame it can’t actually fight, then.
  • Structure: The Boomerang is a nuclear defense structure that reprograms nukes to send them to their own launch pad. The returning nuke even fails to trigger enemy Anti-Nukes, and the only drawback is its low rate of fire. It’s also the best thing in any game ever.
  • Research: Upgrade your ACU’s build rate. He builds faster now! The speed at which he builds is also increased, allowing for quicker construction that’ll let you churn out buildings at shorter intervals, and erect defences with GREAT HASTE.
  • Research: Decrease the time it takes to build air units. See above for copious blather about building things quickly.

A bit of a belter, then. It’s got turrets that hack nukes, ships with jetpacks, floating bases, something that’s a hell of a lot like StarCraft 2’s siege tanks, and a giant blender that turns junk metal into intelligence. We’re also seeing lots of units whose only purpose is to allow the use of one powerful ability which costs energy – the resource that your planes and tanks and boats and buildings also cost to build. Energy generators are about to become a lot more important, then.

Now that SupCom 2 has ships with jetpacks though, should we just give up trying to innovate? I can’t think of a single interesting idea now that I know they’ve put jetpacks on ships. It’s like we’ve mapped the entire possibility space. You could put jetpacks on other things, but they all seem like lesser achievements, you know? What do you think? Where does SupCom 2 go from here?

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Car of the Day – Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Posted on September 27, 2010

Arguably the most beautiful car Alfa Romeo has ever produced, the 8C Competizione remembers some of the company’s glorious racing past with its name meaning ‘Competition’, and with 8C referring to its mighty 4.7-liter, 444-horse V8, this is a car that won’t be losing any competitions.

For more information on this beautiful car, check out it’s car page!

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Valve Confirms Left 4 Dead and L4D2 DLC for Oct. 5

Posted on September 27, 2010

Valve has confirmed that ‘The Sacrifice’, DLC for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, will be released on October 5 for the PC and Xbox 360. It will be free for both games on the PC, while the Xbox 360 DLC will cost 560 MS Points ($7).

“‘The Sacrifice’ is the prequel to ‘The Passing,’ and takes place from the L4D Survivors’ perspective as they make their way South,” reads the press release. “In addition to advancing the story, ‘The Sacrifice’ introduces a new style finale featuring “Sacrificial Gameplay” where players get to decide who will give their life so the others may live.”

In L4D, ‘The Sacrifice’ will include the campaign and maps playable in Versus a…
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IGN for Charity: The 24-Hour Marathon

Posted on September 27, 2010

The editors are gaming for the Children’s Miracle Network and need your support.

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Survival Versus Returns To Left 4 Dead 2 This Week

Posted on September 27, 2010

Fans of Left 4 Dead 2’s mutations can look forward to a returning mode this week. Survival Versus debuted back in July, and tasks teams with surviving longer than their opponents. As Valve describes:

The first Survivor team sets the time. The second team tries to beat it. Then the first team tries to beat the second team’s time. Then the second team tries to beat the first team’s time. And then the… you get the idea. Rounds keep switching until someone fails to beat the previous time.

If you haven’t popped L4D2 into your 360 recently, this might be a fun reason to dust it off and slay a few (hundred) zombies. Between this mode and Dead Rising 2’s release this week, there should be scores of undead meeting their end this week.

Source: Left 4 Dead 2 blog via Joystiq

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Zombies, Robots…Lawn Darts–Weekly Roundup 9/27

Posted on September 27, 2010

Hey, what do you know? There are some new things coming out this week. Finally! On the games front, we’ve got the latest versions of Dead Rising, Guitar Hero, and Front Mission–in addition to newcomer Battle vs. Chess and the MySims flight-combat game, MySims SkyHeroes. Also, there’s a WiiWare game based on lawn darts. That sounds extremely safe.

Battle vs. Chess (PC, Xbox 360)
Dead Rising 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Front Mission Evolved (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, DS)
MySims SkyHeroes (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, DS)
Quantum Theory (PS3, Xbox 360)


Astro Bugz Revenge (700 Wii Points)
Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts (700 Wii Points)

Fizz (800 DSi Points)
Zenonia (800 DSi Points)



Case 39
Hatchet II
Let Me In
The Social Network

Adventureland (Blu-ray)
Babies (DVD/Blu-ray)
Dark Night of the Scarecrow (DVD)
Get Him to the Greek (DVD/Blu-ray)
Iron Man 2 (DVD/Blu-ray)

Archie Comics
Archie Marries 70 Years In The Making
Betty #188
Pals N Gals Double Digest #145

Dark Horse

Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom Archive Volume 1
Eerie Archives Volume 4
Occult Files Of Doctor Spektor Archives Volume 1
Oh My Goddess Volume 36
Star Wars Blood Ties A Tale Of Jango And Boba Fett #2 (Of 4)
Star Wars Invasion Rescues #4 (Of 6)
Terminator 1984 #1 (Of 3)

DC Comics
Absolute Promethea Volume 2
Action Comics #893
American Vampire Volume 1
Batman The Brave And The Bold #21
Cartoon Network Action Pack #52
Detective Comics #869
First Wave #4 (Of 6)
Flash Chronicles Volume 2
Gotham City Sirens #16
Green Arrow #4 (Brightest Day Tie-In)
Justice Society Of America #43
Lobo Highway To Hell
Sandman The Dream Hunters
Showcase Presents The Legion Of Super-Heroes Volume 4
Star-Spangled War Stories #1
Teen Titans #87
Time Masters Vanishing Point #3 (Of 6)
Wetworks Mutations #1
Wonder Woman #603

Image Comics
Artifacts #2 (Of 13)
Chew #14
Darkness Four Horsemen #2 (Of 4)
Dawn Volume 2 Return Of The Goddess
Image Firsts Godland #1
Next Gen Warz #1 (Of 2)
Pilot Season The Asset #1
Savage Dragon #164

Marvel Comics
Amazing Spider-Man #623
Amazing Spider-Man #644
Atlas #5
Avengers Prime #3 (Of 5)
Captain America #610
Captain America Patriot #2 (Of 4)
Casanova Luxuria #3
Daredevil Echo Vision Quest
Franken-Castle #21 (Punisher 21)
Franklin Richards Son Of A Genius Ultimate Collection Book 1
Heroic Age One Month To Live #5 (Of 5)
Iron Man 2 Public Identity
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Amazing Digest
Marvel Previews #86
Namor The First Mutant #2
Powers #6
Punisher Noir
Secret Warriors #20
Shadowland Daughters Of The Shadow #1 (Of 3)
Tomb Of Dracula Volume 2
Ultimate Comics Iron Man Armor Wars
Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Volume 4
Valkyrie #1 (One Shot)
X-Men Curse Of The Mutants X-Men Vs Vampires #1 (Of 2)
X-Men Forever 2 #8
X-Men Legacy #240
X-Men Second Coming

Black Gate Volume 1 (Of 3)
Chibi Vampire The Novel Volume 7 (Of 9)
Deadman Wonderland Volume 3 (Of 6)
Demon Sacred Volume 1 (Of 11)
Demon Sacred Volume 2 (Of 11)
Fate stay night Volume 9 (Of 10)
Gakuen Alice Volume 13 (Of 19)
Hetalia Axis Powers Volume 1 (Of 3)
Maid Sama Volume 6 (Of 10)
Neko Ramen Volume 2 Curry Is Also Delicious (Of 3)
Pet Shop Of Horrors Tokyo Volume 7
Shinobi Life Volume 6 (Of 7)

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Report: CCP's World of Darkness MMO Teased at Fan Event, Due No Sooner Than 2012

Posted on September 27, 2010

EVE Online developer CCP Games has shed a little dimmed, moody light on World of Darkness, its mysterious MMO adaptation of White Wolf’s pen-and-paper RPG setting, at White Wolf’s The Grand Masquerade event.

The MMO “will have a focus on player politics and social interaction,” Ardulf’s Lair reports (via Massively), collecting the titbits of information trickling out of the show. Only vampires will be playable, it’s said, though the World of Darkness setting also houses mages, werewolves and other creatures in its dark version of our modern world.

The MMO is based upon White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade–rather than the latest setting, Vam…
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Medal of Honor Greg Goodridge and Patrick Liu Interview

Posted on September 27, 2010

We chat with the magnificently bearded Greg Goodridge and Patrick Liu about the multiplayer in Medal of Honor.

Read and Post Comments | Get the full article at GameSpot

Medal of Honor Greg Goodridge and Patrick Liu Interview” was posted by markwalton on Mon, 27 Sep 2010 04:21:40 -0700

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