The 3rd Birthday Impressions And Screens

Posted on September 9, 2010

After a ten year hiatus, tough NYPD cop turned FBI agent Aya Brea is back in a spinoff title within the Parasite Eve universe.

Originally announced as a mobile game, The 3rd Birthday is still in the first stages of unveiling, and, as such, little is known about the narrative or the condition of the world Brea inhabits. What we do know is that an event unfolds in Manhattan, flooding the streets with creatures known as “the Twisted.” A response team — the CTI — is formed to investigate the matter and dispose of the threat. Brea is brought on for her unique understanding of such situations, in addition to being the only means of opposition. A power awakens within her on her “third birthday” that can be used as a weapon.

In the first playable Japanese demo at TGS, the scene begins with Brea sandwiched amongst throngs of civilians at an indoor concert. Reminiscent of the event at the New York opera house that started Brea on this journey in the original Parasite Eve, a creature erupts from center stage, breaking a threshold that welcomes the Twisted to the Big Apple.

The title moves significantly faster than the original game, dropping traditional survival horror and RPG tropes in favor of a more action-oriented approach. No random encounters can be found. Instead, enemies flood the screen and are aggressive in their attacks. Brea combats their advances with an arsenal of firearms and grenades and a rechargeable Overdrive technique that increases her speed, damage, and other properties. While I didn’t get to see it in action during my playtime, this feature also allows her to body swap within an established line of site.

From a gameplay standpoint, the controls feel solid, especially for a PSP shooter. A lock-on feature keeps the action in front of Brea, and an auto-cover system organically positions her behind objects without feeling too magnetic. Brea will heal over time when standing still, making it important to take a breather from the action every once in a while.

I’m not sure what is expected of Brea in this new chapter, but it’s good to see her back in action. Considering the franchise established itself in a world where mitochondria revolted against humanity, I expect The 3rd Birthday will be a wild ride.

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