The Awaited Call of Duty Black Ops

Posted on November 11, 2010

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise certainly won’t end up disappointed by Treyarch and Activision’s seventh discharge of the CoD franchise. Released for that X-Box 360, PC, Nintendo Wii and DS, and Playstation 3, Black Ops is really a first-person shooter that plays out throughout the Cold War, providing you with the choice from a broad assortment of weapons, including exciting new additions with even more amazing ammunition Black Ops outdid its forerunner, Modern Warfare 2 in it’s opening week – selling nearly millions of copies more!

There are many new exciting locations for you to fight through, including Cuba, Russia, and Laos, and it is as much an innovative progression forwards from Mw2 as Modern Warfare was for Cod 2. Though the controls are all familiar to those who have literally CoD franchise for years, there is a lot more stealth involved with Black Ops than any game within the series up to now.

But the real meat and potatoes of any Cod game, and especially the newer ones, is obviously, Multiplayer – and the hallmark of any great multiplayer game is it’s capability to make multiple hours disappear whenever you get the control; often without your notice. The brand new zombie multiplayer mode is really as great and engaging as it is slightly silly.

It’s obvious that this portrayal from the Cold War is just a fictional mock-up, but it’s certainly entertaining. The gigantic explosions, story arcs and twists, and also the ‘missions’ all point to a colorful re-imagining of what things has been like when the Cold War had played out like an explosive action movie. It’s easy to separate the very fact in the fantasy, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there are specific lines and scenes which are gripping and designed to evoke a visceral emotional reaction, especially the scenes of torture.

Black Ops is both a cinematic and gaming success, artfully rendered and though out, with the masterfully considered storyline that only a big name studio and a lot of investment behind you are able to create. The tale can be a bit faster paced than previous Cod games, but this doesn’t detract from the game; rather than a single goal that you work towards for an extended period of time, you may find yourself flowing from goal to goal without much time to pause and wonder in between – a certainly thrilling experience personally that I highly recommend for those first-person shooter fans!

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