The Bachelor: The Video Game: This is What Hell Must Be Like

Posted on February 2, 2011

Based on the hit reality television show of the same name, The Bachelor: The Video Game for the Nintendo Wii gives you the chance to compete for love by playing a series of boring-ass mini-games. Now, when I say boring, I mean, “trapped on the tarmac for five hours without any food or water and all we can get on our TVs is the Golf Channel” boring.

The goal is to do well enough in these games to earn a rose at the rose ceremony and then go on to propose to The Bachelor OR The Bachelorette (Equity Now!). That’s it…and when I say “propose” I mean wave a ring in front of his/her face in a cutscene.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we suffered through a game. Playing The Bachelor is an analogy for real-life love, really: you think it’s going to be exciting at first, but ultimately, you end up alone and bored, with only your saggy hot air balloon to keep you company. Plus, you never get to bone.

Check it out!

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