This week's WOW (No not World Of Warcraft)

Posted on September 9, 2010

I got a wild hair a while back and decided to start posting something on my main blog I call “This week’s WOW”. It started out as much as anything as a way to get myself to post at least something once a week. I also got the idea from an email I get once a week where they have a favorite links section. There are usually at least one or two among them that have what I would call a wow factor. In other words they make me say wow in one way or another.

I thought about how to bring some of the past posts onto this site when I decided to start posting the same thing here too and ended up deciding to just direct you to the blog I am referring to for those and I will just stick with the current ones here. So first off is a link to my main blog where you can see the older posts and more:

The Success Fisherman

And now straight to this week’s entry:

World Record Base Jump – Go full screen and be prepared to say WOW.


Fish with Transparent Head

This would bring tears to the eyes of Rube Goldberg. I love the chess board bit.

Your calling is calling

Timelapse: Cotopaxi Volcano. Definitely worth a full screen view.

Now that’s a storm

90 year old recounts remarkable experience he had in WWII

Jackie Evancho. Still amazed that voice is in a 10 year old girl.

The Time Fountain. This is very cool.

Earth bacteria survive 553 days in space. This has huge implications.

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